Alex McGough Net Worth: A Reflection Of His Hard Work 

alex mcgough net worth

Alex McGough net worth reflects his hard work and talent as a professional football quarterback. 

In the beginning, he faced difficulties in the NFL. Later, he persevered and exerted huge effort to attain success in the USFL.

As a result, he has accomplished remarkable milestones and is widely recognised as one of the league’s premier players.

His accolades and achievements during his college tenure, including establishing school records and demonstrating versatility, laid a strong foundation for his professional journey.

While his NFL experience may have presented limited chances for regular-season game participation, his tenure in the USFL has allowed him to thrive and consolidate his status as a highly-skilled quarterback.

As he continues his career in professional football, it is anticipated that McGough net worth will increase, reflecting the rewards of his hard work and commitment to his willingness.

College Career at FIU

Alex McGough had a successful college football career at Florida International University (FIU) from 2014 to 2017. 

In his first year, he demonstrated great promise by passing for 1,680 yards and throwing 14 touchdowns. 

This impressive beginning laid the foundation for his subsequent achievements.

During his sophomore year, McGough exceeded expectations and became the clear starting quarterback for FIU. 

He broke school records with an impressive performance, throwing 2,722 yards and 21 touchdowns. 

These accomplishments caught the attention of NFL scouts, showcasing his talent and potential.

In his junior year, McGough continued to impact the field despite his numbers being slightly lower than his outstanding sophomore season. 

Throughout his time at FIU, he remained a valuable asset, displaying effectiveness in high-pressure situations. 

His passing performance during that time showcased 1,891 yards, 13 touchdowns, and 11 interceptions, accompanied by an additional contribution of four rushing touchdowns.

In his senior year, McGough impressively met the high expectations he had set in 2015.

As he wrapped up his final year of college, he notably set new records at the school, boasting a passer rating of 142.8 and an impressive completion percentage of 65.3%.

Furthermore, he accumulated 2,798 yards through his throws, resulting in 17 touchdowns and eight interceptions.

Alex McGough’s NFL career 

Although McGough’s talent and potential were recognised, his NFL career took little time. 

He was selected by the Seattle Seahawks in the seventh round of the 2018 NFL Draft but was waived before the start of his rookie season. 

This setback did not deter McGough’s determination to succeed in professional football.

Following his time with the Seattle Seahawks, McGough has had opportunities with multiple NFL teams. 

He has spent time on the practice squads of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Houston Texans, and Seattle Seahawks once again.

Success in the USFL

Most of McGough’s success in professional football comes from playing for the Birmingham Stallions in the United States Football League (USFL). 

His accomplishments in the USFL have helped him earn more money.McGough has had an impressive time with the Birmingham Stallions. 

He played a big part in leading the team to win the 2022 USFL Championship. He showed outstanding leadership and exceptional skills as a quarterback.

In the 2023 season, McGough has continued to perform exceptionally well. This has made him one of the league’s most valuable and best players. 

He is highly favoured to win the 2023 USFL league MVP award, acknowledging his exceptional contributions to the league.

His performance in the whole season has recognised his ability to thrive under pressure, earning him accolades as the leader in passing touchdowns, passer rating, and completion percentage for the 2023 season.

These achievements have made his reputation better and may affect how much money he is worth.

Packers to sign former USFL MVP Alex McGough

Reports suggest that the Green Bay Packers plan to sign Alex McGough, who previously quarterbacked for the Birmingham Stallions and earned the Most Valuable Player (MVP) title in the 2023 USFL season.

The Packers need a backup quarterback to support Jordan Love, who will be the team’s new quarterback after Aaron Rodgers’ departure.

McGough had an outstanding season with the Stallions, significantly contributing to their triumph in the USFL championship.

During the regular season, he displayed remarkable accuracy, completing 67.4 per cent of his passes.

I am accumulating 2,104 yards and delivering 20 touchdowns while only throwing five interceptions.

Alex established himself as the frontrunner in passing touchdowns among all players in the league while also securing the third position regarding passing yards.

Moreover, McGough showcased his versatility as a dual-threat quarterback by amassing an impressive 403 rushing yards and scoring five touchdowns on the ground.

Skip Holtz, McGough’s former coach in the USFL, believes that McGough possesses the potential to thrive in the NFL, considering him on par with other accomplished NFL quarterbacks he has encountered.

Alex McGough net worth

Only a few details of Alex McGough net worth has known publicly; some sources claim that his net worth is estimated to be around $5 Millian.

His contracts as a professional football player, endorsements, and achievements have contributed significantly to his wealth.

As a talented and sought-after quarterback, McGough’s value in the sports world and potential earnings have probably increased, mainly due to his outstanding performances in the USFL.

Considering his successful college career, multiple opportunities in the NFL, and achievements in the USFL, it is evident that Alex McGough net worth is steadily increasing.

His continuous growth, potential for future success, and growing recognition within the football community all contribute to estimating his overall net worth.

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