Meet Amy Sherrill Ex-Wife Of NBA Player Tim Duncan

Meet Amy Sherrill Ex Wife Of NBA Player Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan, a professional basketball player, formerly wed Amy Sherrill. Tim Duncan is one of the greatest players ever. He has won 15 NBA All-Star games. Amy Sherrill is 46 years old. She was born in 1977. 

Her birthplace in North Carolina makes her an American citizen. That aside, she’s Christian. Her sun signs are also unknown because it’s unclear when she was born.

Turning to her relatives, she was born into a family of her mother, Judy Sherrill, and father, Fred Sherrill. 

She also does not have any siblings because she is a single child. North Carolina was her home growing up. 

She has a tight relationship with her parents because she is their only kid. She was raised with companionship and encouragement.

Her education was at a local North Carolina private school.  She received her degree at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem. She cheered at the university where she attended.

Meet Amy Sherrill Ex Wife NBA Player Tim Duncan

Amy Sherrill career

Amy’s career is still dark because she is not a celebrity. It is not covered in any information. She gained notoriety as Tim Duncan’s wife and an NBA player.

Tim joined the Demon Deacons throughout his collegiate years to begin his basketball career. During the 1993–1994 NCAA season, the Deacons set a 20–11 win–loss record with him.

He scored 12 points against Oklahoma State during the 1994–1995 NCAA season. But the team didn’t win the game.

The San Antonio Spurs selected Tim in the 1997 NBA Draft. He won the NBA Rookie of the Year award. 

His most excellent season was 2001–2002. It was his average career-high  points 

Spur captained the team after he gave up basketball. The Spurs defeated the Denver Nuggets 4-1 in their postseason series.

Tim guided the group to a 12-game winning run in the 2010–11 campaign. 

Tim’s teammates helped him qualify for the playoffs in 2012. It’s after finishing the regular season with a 58-24 record.

Amy Sherrill got married to Tim Duncan

For now, Amy is content with being single. Tim Duncan, a former NBA player, was her previous husband. 

Wake Forest University was where the ex-couple first got together. They soon became romantically involved in 1992.  They tied the knot on July 21, 2001.

They had a daughter. Her name is Sydney. She was born on June 27, 2005. Draven is their son. He was born on August 3, 2007. 

The couple had two children together. Following a fruitful 12-year marriage, they considered divorcing. They got divorced in 2013 due to private matters.

Parents of Amy Sherrill

Fred and Judy Sherrill are her parents’ only children; Amy is the only kid with no siblings.

Who is Fred Sherrill father of Amy Sherrill?

Amy Sherrill was born in 1977 to her North Carolina-born father, Fred Sherrill. But there still needs to be comprehensive information about his career in the search results. 

He and his wife are the parents of Amy Sherrill. Amy continued her studies at Wake Forest University. It was supporting the school squad by cheering them on.

Who is Judy Sherrill mother of Amy Sherrill?

Judy Sherrill, the mother of Amy Sherrill, was born in North Carolina in 1977. Nevertheless, Judy Sherrill’s career should be mentioned in the search results. 

Amy Sherrill’s personal life and her relationship with Tim Duncan are the primary subjects of attention. 

Amy Sherrill is the sole child of Judy Sherrill and her husband, Fred Sherrill, according to the information that is currently accessible.

Tim Duncan and Amy Sherill’s Divorce

Tim Duncan and Amy Sherill were married for twelve years before deciding to part ways in 2013. 

Amy Sherill opened up about the reasons behind their divorce. It cites conflicts as the reason.

The divorce filing by Amy Sherill came as a surprise. The news came out in March 2013. It was when Tim Duncan’s team was gearing up for the NBA Finals. 

It was an unexpected turn of events during his tough time. It creates difficulty in his career.

Tim Duncan and Amy Sherill had signed a prenuptial agreement in 2001, a decision influenced by Tim’s lucrative sports contract four years prior. 

Rumors circulated that Tim suspected Amy of infidelity and had hired a private investigator. 

However, no confirmation surfaced, and the couple faced difficulties in their marriage.

While preparing for a basketball season, Tim Duncan responded to the divorce filing, emphasizing their prenuptial agreement. 

He requested the court to honor the terms of the agreement and recognize the distinction between his estate and the marital estate.

Despite the shock of the divorce petition, Tim Duncan remained focused on his game, leading the Spurs to victory during the season. 

The divorce proceedings were settled out of court through a private hearing, keeping the details from public scrutiny.

Amy Sherrill children

Tim Duncan and Amy Sherill’s relationship began at Wake Forest University, where he was a collegiate basketballer, and she was a cheerleader. 

Despite initial doubts about their compatibility, the power forward maintained constant communication with Amy when he joined the NBA.

While their marriage didn’t last, Tim Duncan and his ex-wife acknowledged the importance of mutual respect for the sake of their two children. 

Despite their differences and grievances, they chose to be respectful co-parents, emphasizing a positive environment for their family.

Amy Sherrill measurements

Amy is a stunning and attractive girl whose physical attributes are enhanced. She has kept up a relatively trim and appealing body shape. 

She has not disclosed any information about her body measurements. 

Her only recognized physical characteristics are her blonde hair and stunning dark brown eyes.

Amy Sherrill’s net worth

As far as Amy Sherrill’s net worth is concerned, nothing is known. She has not revealed any details on her yearly earnings or net worth. 

However, Tim, her ex-husband, is considered worth $130 million US thanks to his career as a professional basketball player.

What is Duncan’s net worth?

Duncan’s net worth is estimated to be around $21.9 billion, making him one of the world’s wealthiest individuals. He co-founded Enterprise Products Partners in 1968, primarily a natural gas and crude oil pipeline company. Despite being diagnosed with lymphoma in 2010, Duncan continues to actively donate millions to causes like medical research, education, and the arts.

Does Tim Duncan have a daughter?

Retired NBA star Tim Duncan has a daughter named Sydney, born in 2005. He loves and supports her at volleyball games. Family is important to Tim. He started a foundation to help youth with health issues due to his mother’s battle with breast cancer. Coach Gregg Popovich praised Sydney as an incredible athlete.

What is Tim Duncan’s height?

Tim Duncan, a legendary NBA power forward, stood tall at 6’11” (2.11m). With the San Antonio Spurs, he won 5 championships in his impressive 19-season career. Renowned for his skills and work ethic, he was dubbed “The Big Fundamental” and highly respected in basketball.

Who is Tim Duncan’s son?

Tim Duncan’s son, Draven Duncan, was born in 2005. He’s a talented basketball player, showing great potential on the court. Despite their divorce, Tim remains an active and supportive parent, attending many of Draven’s games. Media attention has focused on Draven’s impressive skills and resemblance to his famous father.


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