Baker Mayfield Family: Support System Behind The NFL Superstar

Baker Mayfield Family Support System Behind The NFL Superstar

Born in Austin, Texas, in 1995, Baker Mayfield has always had the support of his family. Learn more about Baker Mayfield Family members.

Growing up, Mayfield was raised by his parents, James and Gina Mayfield, alongside his elder brother, Matt Mayfield. 

As Mayfield climbed the ranks of football success, his family remained by his side, with his parents and brother cheering him on every step of the way. 

Here’s an in-depth look at the remarkable support system that has helped shape Baker Mayfield into the athlete and person he is today.

Baker Mayfield Parents

James Mayfield and Gina Mayfield are Baker Mayfield’s parents. J

ames Mayfield works as a private equity consultant, while not much is known about Gina Mayfield’s professional life as she is most likely a homemaker. 

Despite facing financial struggles and moving from one rental home to another, Gina Mayfield provided a tight-knit family for her children, instilling them with values that have proved important in their lives.

Baker Mayfield Elder Brother

Matt Mayfield is Baker’s elder brother, and while sports didn’t become his career path, he was instrumental in sparking his younger brother’s passion for football. 

Matt attended Texas A&M University and played walk-on baseball there before marrying Kennedy Mayfield, a yoga instructor.

Baker Mayfield Wife Emily Wilkinson

In 2019, Baker Mayfield married Emily Wilkinson, his wife and one of his biggest supporters. 

Wilkinson hails from Nebraska and attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 

After moving to Los Angeles, she worked as a patient coordinator at a plastic surgery clinic before transitioning into a role as a social media influencer.

He Has Always Credited His Family For Being His Support System

Mayfield has always credited his family with helping him achieve success in his football career. His mother, Gina, is often noted as one of his greatest sources of inspiration. 

Amid financial struggles and mobility challenges, Gina Mayfield kept the family tight-knit, providing a solid foundation for her children.

In addition to his parents, Baker Mayfield’s brother Matt has been a valuable source of support for the football player. 

Mayfield credits his brother with sparking his passion for football, and the siblings share a close bond.

Legal Battle

Amidst all the success and support, the Mayfield family has reportedly faced some financial trouble. 

Lawyers representing Baker Mayfield and Emily Wilkinson filed a petition in a Texas court seeking information over a potential misuse of $12 million at an investment firm where several members of Mayfield’s family work. 

At present, the Mayfields have no plans to file a lawsuit against anyone, as they seek only to access information regarding the $12 million.

Final Words

Baker Mayfield has worked hard to become the successful quarterback he is today. 

However, he’s the first to acknowledge the role his family has played in shaping him both professionally and personally. 

From his mother and father to his elder brother and wife, Baker Mayfield has always had a wealth of support surrounding him. 

This support system has helped him navigate the challenges he’s faced and achieve his dreams and aspirations.

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