Brian Harman Wife: The Supportive Woman Behind The Golfer

brian harman wife

Brian Harman wife, Kelly Van Slyke, is a source of unwavering support and love in his life. As the pillar of support for the Harman family, she exudes grace and charm. 

Kelly’s unwavering love and encouragement are evident as she stands by her husband’s side, cheering him on during his golfing journey. 

From charming candid shots to delightful glimpses of their life, Brian Harman wife photos capture the essence of a strong and loving partnership, proving that Kelly is not just a wife but an integral part of Brian’s success and happiness.

Kelly Van Slyke, the wife of Brian Harman, displayed her unwavering support during the Open Championship as she remained thousands of miles away in Syracuse, N.Y. 

While her husband tackled the challenging back nine, Kelly chose not to stress over every shot. 

Instead, she embraced a calm and relaxed approach, unperturbed by the intense golfing action. 

Her confidence in Brian’s abilities was palpable as she eagerly tuned in to witness the final crucial moments of the championship. 

Despite the physical distance, her presence as his biggest cheerleader was felt strongly, motivating Brian during his pursuit of victory. 

Kelly’s steady and composed demeanor proved to be a pillar of strength, and her unwavering support undoubtedly played a significant role in Brian’s performance on the grand stage of the Open Championship.

Let’s discover the fascinating story of Kelly Van and the depth of her bond with her husband.

The love story of Brian Harman and Kelly Van Slyke

The proposal captured Kelly’s heart during a turkey hunting excursion when Brian Harman ingeniously concealed the engagement ring within her brand-new camouflage pants. 

Since then, their family has expanded, and their presence has been witnessed at numerous events, including the Masters Par 3 Contest.

Brian Harman and Kelly Van Slyke tied the knot in 2014, forming a strong bond that has withstood the test of time. 

In the collection of heartwarming Brian Harman family photos, She shares their beautiful moments. 

Brian and Kelly are blessed with three wonderful children: Cooper, Walter, and Jack. Despite Brian’s busy golfing schedule, he makes sure to involve his family as much as possible in his career. 

Kelly’s support is pivotal, allowing him to focus on his game and achieve success on the course.

Kelly’s Background and Interests

Kelly Van Slyke is a woman of many talents. 

Originally from Syracuse, New York, she pursued a degree in radiation therapy from SUNY Geneseo and SUNY Upstate Medical University. 

Kelly has worked as a radiation therapist and even excelled as a pilates instructor. The Harman family is united by their shared love for underwater exploration. 

Kelly, Brian, and their relatives are renowned scuba divers and expert spear fishers. 

While their passion for diving is temporarily set aside during golf tournaments, they hold dear the memories made while delving into the ocean’s depths.

Everything you need to know about Brian Harman

Brian’s mother, Nancy Harman, is a chemist, and his father, Eric Harman, is a dentist with a dental practice in Savannah. 

Brian has a younger brother, Scott Harman, who is also a dentist and joined his father’s practice in 2018. 

Despite being different from his father in his career choice, Brian shares many traits with his mother.

When not on the golf course, Brian Harman finds solace in nature. He owns a 1,000-acre farm in South Georgia, where he enjoys hunting, especially bow hunting. 

The farm’s activities include growing pine trees and creating a haven for wildlife.

Final thoughts

Brian Harman wife, Kelly Van Slyke stands as the pillar of support behind Brian Harman’s successful golfing career. 

Their loving family, shared interests, and relaxed approach to life allow Brian to focus on his game and achieve greatness in the world of golf. 

As they continue their journey together, we can expect many more wonderful moments from the Harman family.

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