Who Is Bud Grant’s Wife? Age, Career & Bio

Bud grant wife

Bud Grant’s wife, Patricia Bellow, was a woman of great mystery and integrity due in part to her commitment to keeping her life private. 

She was born on March 28, 1927, as Patricia Nelson and married Bud Grant in 1950 in an intimate ceremony surrounded by friends and family

She had six children with Grant: Kathy, Laurie, Peter, Mike, Bruce (who passed away in 2018), and Danny. In 2009 at the age of 81, Patricia passed away from Parkinson’s disease at Fairview Southdale Hospital. 

Mike Grant has always been passionate about football; as the son of legendary NFL coach Bud Grant and head coach at Eden Prairie High School, he is making his mark in both his family’s and Minnesota’s football history. 

His family of six consisted of two daughters and four sons named Kathy, Laurie, Peter, Mike Jr., Bruce, and Danny. 

However, tragedy struck on July 25th, 2018, when Bruce passed away unexpectedly from brain cancer. It brought great sadness to the Grants as well as the Minnesota community, throughout which they had left their own legacy. 

Thankfully, other Grant family members have stepped into carrying that legacy forward: Former NFL quarterback Gibran Hamdan is married to Jenny, Bud’s granddaughter, while Ryan Grant played quarterback for Eden Prairie in 2008-2012 and linebacker for the University of Minnesota.

It looks like this football dynasty will keep going strong in Minnesota, thanks to these exemplary individuals!

Minnesota Vikings coach Bud Grant’s death

The passing of legendary Minnesota Vikings coach Bud Grant represents a large loss for the world of football. 

His success as a coach was remarkable, with 28 seasons exhibited, over 20 playoff appearances made with his teams, and four championship games he helped his team reach. 

Although his NFL career ultimately went unmet with any championship wins, Bud Grant still cemented himself in the sport’s history by becoming the first to be inducted into CFL and Pro Football Hall of Fame. 

His record across both leagues is something to be admired, boasting 158-96-5 in regular season NFL matches and 102-56-2 in CFL matches. 

Also impressive are his combined postseason records across both leagues at 26 wins and 20 losses. Bud Grant’s legacy in the game will remain unbroken for years to come, earning him rightful recognition within the world of football.

The Wilf family, who own the Minnesota Vikings, recently issued a statement honoring Grant’s role in the team’s success. They acknowledged him as a unique individual that brought success and toughness – traits synonymous with the north – to the organization. 

Jim Porter, President of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, also offered his remarks in tribute to Grant, noting his legendary status, strong determination and compassion for his players and admiration for football – even if it was sometimes hard to tell from his stoic demeanour. 

Grant’s achievements will be remembered through his lasting connection to both the Vikings and the Pro Football Hall of Fame, setting an example well into his later years.

World War II veteran and former NCAA star Bud Grant was no stranger to teamwork. After graduating from high school, he joined the Navy and found himself under the tutelage of legendary football coach Paul Brown while stationed at Naval Station Great Lakes near Chicago. 

This experience fostered a passion for the game that would remain with him long after his military discharge. Grant then attended the University of Minnesota, quickly making a name for himself as an all-around athlete – particularly in football, basketball, and baseball. 

His successes were taken note of by professional leagues: he was offered both a spot in the NBA‘s Minneapolis Lakers and the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles which proved to be too tempting to pass up.

Grant ultimately chose to become part of the winning Minneapolis Lakers team in 1949-50; thanks to his military training, he had already gained invaluable teamwork skills that enabled him to immediately impact his new squad.

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