Dennis Schroder’s Wife, Ellen Ziolo: How Did She Rise To Fame?

Dennis Schroder Wife

Dennis Schroder’s wife, Ellen Ziolo, is a young woman in her thirties currently sharing a happy married life with her husband, Dennis.

Dennis Schroder is a professional basketball player from Germany. Dennis is currently serving the Boston Celtics.

In 2013 NBA Dennis was drafted by Atlanta Hawks with the overall 17th pick. He played six seasons for the Hawks, two seasons for the OKC Thunder, and one season with the LA Lakers.

Dennis is German with white ethnicity, and he was born and raised in Braunschweig, Germany, on September 15, 1993, to parents Axel Schroder and Fotou Schroder. He has one brother.

He and his brother used to skateboard, but Dennis eventually had to surrender it to focus on his passion for Basketball.

Denis started playing football in his High School days, and He started his career in Basketball in 2010 after playing for the SG Braunschweig.

Ellen currently seems not to be working in a profession as she is focused on raising her children.  

She hasn’t mentioned her former occupation, but reportedly she worked as a server and bartender and also tried her hand at modeling.

She is fascinated with traveling and has been seen attending his husband’s various basketball games in different states of the US as well as Europe. 

She also spends her time watching Hollywood Movies, and her favorite actors and actresses include Jim Carrey and Rosario Dawson with “Yes Man“, “Liar Liar,” and “The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” is her favorite movies.

Ellen’s Networth is known to be somewhat $800,000, while Dennis’ Networth is estimated to be $40 million.

How long is the couple married?

On July 20, 2019, Dennis got married to Ellen Ziolo in Braunschweig.

The couple decided to tie the knot in a small ceremony surrounded by their friends and family in their hometown. Dennis and Ellen have two children together, a son and a daughter.

Their son is named after his dad Dennis Schröder Jr. and their daughter is named Imalia Aaliyah. Dennis Jr was born on February 19, 2019, and Imalia Aaliyah was born in August 2020.

Ellen used to play volleyball in elementary school and continued the sport in high school. She was also a part of the school theatrical club and practised singing and dancing at a performing art school.

Dennis and Ellen first met when Dennis was only fourteen years old and have known each other since their high school days.

The couple started dating on July 20, 2017 and decided to get married on the same date in 2019.

Dennis and Ellen are both active on social media; Dennis has about 2.2 million followers on Instagram, where he promotes his brand and shares some photos.

He also posts daily vlogs on his Youtube Channel.

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