Franco Harris Tribute Video – The Football World Was Disappointed 

franco harris tribute video

The Franco Harris tribute video received negative feedback from Twitter’s online community for all the right reasons.

On Christmas Eve, NFL fans were shocked when they turned in to watch the memorials for the late Franco Harris only to discover that NFL Network had taken a commercial break in the middle of the celebration.

Harris passed away this week at the age of 72; the cause of death is still unknown. 

On Saturday night, in honor of the 50th anniversary of his Immaculate Reception, the Pittsburgh Steelers would retire his No. 32 jersey. He was supposed to be present for the ceremony, but unfortunately, he died a week ago.

After his death, the game on Saturday and the ceremony itself took on a far more profound significance, though viewers of the telecast on television couldn’t tell how sincere it was.

The halftime tribute to late Pittsburgh Steelers legend Franco Harris needed to be covered more adequately by NFL Network.

The cable net decided to go away for an Intel ad just as the “Immaculate Reception” star’s video tribute was being introduced to the cheering Acrisure Stadium crowd.

When the PA speaker commanded, ‘Please turn your attention to the video board as we honor Franco Harris,’ Steelers owner Art Rooney II was on the field with Franco Harris’ widow, Dana, and son, Dok.

The NFL Network’s attention was diverted from the newly retired No. 32 in the stadium to the Bottom Line when the camera centered on it.

In what was intended to be a joyful celebration surrounding the 50th anniversary of the Immaculate Reception, the Hall of Fame running back who contributed to the Steelers’ success in the 1970s had his jersey number retired. 

It was chosen as the most significant play in NFL history three years ago. 

He is the first offensive player’s number to be retired in the 90-year history of the team.

The on-field ceremony was not mentioned when the broadcast resumed following the commercial break; instead, the network showed highlights from previous NFL games.

The majority of fans thought it was improper to air the adverts at such a delicate time.

It was a poor choice, and Twitter erupted in outrage at the insult against Harris, a four-time Super Bowl champion and nine-time Pro Bowler with the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

An individual said, ‘Absolutely awful act by @nflnetwork going to commercial during Franco Harris tribute.’

Another person remarked, ‘They literally waited until the announcer said to “see this homage,” faded to black, and went to commercial.’

One fan remarked, ‘WAAAAAITTTT…. no no no no no. Why is the Franco Harris stadium dedication being cut short by NFL Network?’

‘Shame on you for not letting us see the Franco Harris video,’ a separate fan remarked.

‘It was utterly disrespectful to Franco and the Pittsburgh family to cut away from ads. Despite not being a Pittsburgh fan, I wanted to watch the tribute film. Where the hell are you feeling festive?’

Harris was supposed to stand with Rooney during the game against the Las Vegas Raiders, whose 1970s Oakland team was the target of the Immaculate Reception in December 1972.

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