Frank Wycheck Wife, Cherryn Kro: Where Is She Now?

Frank Wycheck Wife

Frank Wycheck wife, Cherryn Krol, played an integral role in his personal and family life. 

Although their relationship faced ups and downs, they remained committed to their children and maintained an amicable bond after their divorce. 

Cherryn supported Wycheck throughout his NFL career and actively participated in philanthropic endeavors, including her involvement with the Tennessee Special Olympics. 

Together, they showcased the importance of co-parenting and putting their children’s well-being first. 

Beyond their shared parental responsibilities, Cherryn contributed to the positive impact that Wycheck had on the world.

Her dedication to charitable activities aligned with Wycheck’s passion for giving back, creating a powerful force for change. 

As a couple, they weathered challenges and celebrated their successes, leaving a lasting imprint on their family, the NFL community, and those touched by their generosity. 

The legacy of Frank Wycheck and Cherryn Krol is a testament to the power of resilience, love, and shared values.

Now, let’s dive deeper into his life and enduring legacy.

Frank Wycheck Cause of death

Frank Wycheck, the former Tennessee Titans tight end, tragically passed away on December 9, 2023. 

According to reports, Wycheck was found unresponsive at his home in Chattanooga after falling and hitting his head earlier that day. 

The cause of death was a result of complications from the fall. 

The news of his sudden passing sent shockwaves through the NFL community and left fans mourning the loss of a beloved player and personality.

Wycheck’s contributions to the game, including his role in the iconic “Music City Miracle” play, will forever be remembered. 

Additionally, his dedication to philanthropic endeavors, such as supporting the Tennessee Special Olympics, showcased his commitment to making a positive impact off the field. 

While his untimely death is undoubtedly heartbreaking, Frank Wycheck’s legacy will continue through his memorable career and the lives he touched throughout his time in football and beyond.

Frank Wycheck wife, Cherryn Krol

Cherryn Krol was Frank Wycheck wife who played a significant role in supporting him throughout his life and career

Frank Wycheck and Cherryn Krol’s union in 1995 resulted in the birth of two daughters, Deanna in 1991 and Madison in 1997. 

Despite the challenges that led to their divorce on June 2, 2009, the couple maintained an amicable relationship for the sake of their children. 

Reports reveal that Cherryn actively engaged in charitable activities during youth, co-leading initiatives like the “Wycheck Harley Ride” that supported the Special Olympics in Tennessee.

Wycheck’s Affection for Grandchildren and Family Bonding

Post-divorce, Frank Wycheck remained devoted to family, enjoying quality time with his three grandchildren: Leo, Stevie, and August. 

This enduring connection showcases the importance of familial bonds despite the twists in his personal life.

Frank Wycheck’s NFL Legacy and Career Highlights

Frank Wycheck, the former Tennessee Titans tight end, leaves behind a remarkable NFL legacy filled with career highlights and accomplishments. 

Wycheck consistently displayed exceptional skill, determination, and versatility throughout his playing career.

Wycheck began his NFL journey in 1993 with the Washington Redskins, where he showcased his pass-catching abilities and became an integral part of the team’s offense. 

However, his move to the Tennessee Titans in 1995 truly solidified his place in NFL history.

During his time with the Titans, Wycheck became known for his reliable hands, precise route-running, and exceptional football IQ. 

During the 1999 playoff season, one of his most unforgettable moments occurred.

It was when he executed the renowned “Music City Miracle” play.

Wycheck threw a lateral pass to Kevin Dyson, who then sprinted 75 yards for a touchdown, propelling the Titans to an astonishing victory.

This iconic play secured their spot in the AFC Championship game and solidified Wycheck’s place in NFL history.

Throughout his career, Wycheck earned three Pro Bowl honors (1998, 1999, 2000).

Moreover, he contributed as both a receiver and a blocker, consistently ranking among the league’s top tight ends.

After retiring from football in 2004, Wycheck transitioned to a successful career in broadcasting. 

He joined the Tennessee Titans Radio Network as a color commentator, bringing his insights and expertise to fans nationwide. 

Wycheck co-hosted a sports radio show in Nashville, further solidifying his place in the local sports community.

Wycheck’s contributions to the NFL extended beyond his on-field performance and broadcasting career.

He was actively involved in charitable work, particularly with the Tennessee Special Olympics.

In a 2017 TV interview, Wycheck expressed concerns about the long-term effects of concussions and advocated for player safety.

Frank Wycheck’s NFL legacy showcases his exceptional talent, dedication, and impact on and off the field.

His unforgettable moments and Pro Bowl honors, along with his contributions to broadcasting and philanthropy, hold a special place in the hearts of football fans and the game’s history.

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