Jalen Hurts Squat Video – Footballer Showcases Exceptional Strength

hurts squat video

Jalen Hurts squat video has taken the internet by storm. 

Jalen Hurts, the quarterback for Philadelphia Eagles, recently became the center of attention when a clip showing the footballer squatting 600 lbs made its way to Facebook. 

Hurts is known as one of the best dual-threat quarterbacks in the league, and it seems justified that Jalen Hurts would possess a great deal of power in his legs.

Hurts terrified his high school classmates as a powerlifter before becoming the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. The prosperity he has shown since then is mainly due to the abilities and strength he acquired at that time.

Hurts excelled as a powerlifter when he was a student at Channelview High School, scored the second position, and subsequently earned a spot in the Texas state meet.

According to AL.com., only three guys, all linemen, have been able to squat more than Hurts did in the viral video. 

The astonishment on Hurts’ colleagues’ faces can be seen in the viral squat video. Jalen Hurts exceptional football skills have already gained him a vast following. 

Hurts has a lengthy history of being a gym enthusiast. He benched 225 pounds at the National Football League Scouting Combine in 2020, and the National Wildlife Federation estimates that to be about the weight of an adult male black bear.

How did Hurts become a powerlifter? 

Hurts began powerlifting in high school while being closely watched by his father and trainer, Averion Hurts.

Jalen Hurts could not play football due to an injury. This disappointed his father, Averion, more than Jalen himself, as he did not want his son to stay idle. 

When baseball and football did not work out for Jalen, his father coerced him into joining the powerlifting team as he believed his son should stay in touch with sports

As a sophomore at Channelview High School, Hurts qualified for the Texas state powerlifting competition by squatting 500 pounds and securing the second position among 85 lifters.

This new video is a reminder that Hurts can do things in the weight room that you don’t typically see from a quarterback.

Jalen Hurts has displayed exceptional lower body strength since the time he was in high school. He has repeatedly earned his colleagues’ and seniors’ respect by being a phenomenal powerlifter. 

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