Is Liv Morgan Married? Find More About Her Relationships

Is Liv Morgan Married Find More About Her Relationships

Liv Morgan is currently dating a former 24/7 Champion, according to recent confirmation from WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair.

Over the previous few years, Morgan has been romantically involved with a couple of her coworkers. 

The former SmackDown Women’s Champion was rumored to have dated Tyler Bate briefly, but it was verified that she dated Enzo Amore. 

Morgan was reportedly dating Bo Dallas in 2021, according to sources—nevertheless, neither of the two ever provided confirmation for these rumors.

Ric Flair revealed that Dallas and Morgan are a couple when talking about Dallas’ family, the Rotundas, on his To Be The Man podcast.

Bo Dallas joined a Stamford-based firm in 2008. He wrestled in NXT, Monday Night RAW, and SmackDown for 13 years. In April 2021, the corporation terminated his contract.

Since 2014, Liv Morgan has competed in WWE. SmackDown features the 28-year-old. She nearly won the Women’s Royal Rumble last Saturday. 

The former SmackDown Women’s Champion lasted almost an hour before being defeated by Rhea Ripley despite entering at number 2.

Is Liv Morgan married
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Is Liv Morgan married?

Relationships have been one of the most talked-about areas of Liv Morgan’s life. WWE World of Famer Ric Flair stated in 2023 that she is seeing Bo Dallas, a former WWE superstar.

WWE fans have been curious about Liv Morgan’s hubby. Before their 2017 breakup, she was romantically involved with Real1, known as former WWE Superstar Enzo Amore. Liv implied in a tweet that their breakup was due to adultery.

Following her breakup with Enzo, there were rumors that she was seeing Tyler Bate, an NXT UK star—the two stoked rumors by tweeting back and forth and posting intimate photos to social media.

Another well-known figure in the wrestling business, Bo Dallas, was previously wed to Sarah Backman, a former NXT contestant. 

They married in June 2014, after Backman retired from professional wrestling and left WWE. But in 2019, the marriage ended in divorce.

Next is a June 2021 Reddit post from a fan who took photos with Morgan and Dallas at Publix. 

The pair’s relationship is unknown, but this outing and the Meltzer story reinforced it.

Some outlets called Ric Flair the definitive “confirmation” of the rumors. 

The controversial wrestling figure revealed on his podcast in early 2023 that “Bo is with Liv Morgan now,” referring to Dallas, his father Mike Rotunda (IRS in WWE), and his brother Windham. 

Flair added, “Are they married before? No idea.” Most liked this answer and speculation. I doubt Flair’s incoherent reply would stand up in court.

Liv Morgan and Bo Dallas’ relationship is private. Their relationship is unknown, even if Flair made his remarks while dating them.

Fans and bad actors have claimed Morgan cheated on Dallas or that AEW wrestler MJF impregnated Morgan, making disturbing headlines. 

“liv morgan bo dallas,” “liv morgan husband,” and “liv morgan married” were Morgan’s top Google Trends searches last year. People want to know Morgan’s personal life, but she can refuse.

Who is Liv Morgan?

A successful American wrestler and actress, Gionna Daddio was born on June 8, 1994. In WWE Raw, she shines as Liv Morgan. 

The former SmackDown Women’s Champion has championships. She also won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship twice with Raquel Rodriguez.

WWE signed Daddio in 2014. Her adventure began at the WWE Performance Centre. She debuted as Liv Morgan on NXT. 

She was promoted to the main roster in 2017. There, she joined Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan. 

Their dynamic stable was The Riott Squad. The group split in 2019. Morgan started a solo career.

A few months later, she saw Riott. They performed till Riott’s 2021 release. A turning point was 2022. In the Bank ladder match, Daddio won Women’s Money. Amazingly, she cashed in that night. 

She defeated Ronda Rousey and won her first wrestling belt. This win earned her the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Her new chapter began in 2023. Her partner was Raquel Rodriguez. They won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship. 

The two wins tie a record. These two continue to amaze audiences with their talent and chemistry—famous professional wrestler Liv Morgan (Gionna Daddio). 

The charismatic and athletic American wrestler and actress captivates audiences. Wrestling as Liv Morgan on WWE Raw, she shows her skills and charisma worldwide. 

For her performances and stories, wrestling fans love Morgan’s lively personality and in-ring talent.

Liv Morgan’s rise from rookie to WWE champion is a testament to her hard work and dedication. 

She is a powerful competitor, having held the SmackDown Women’s Championship and WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship. Her crowd connection and determination make her a standout wrestler.

Liv Morgan career

On November 21, 2017, Morgan, Ruby Riott, and Sarah Logan debuted on SmackDown Live by attacking Becky Lynch and Naomi to turn heels. 

After interrupting their fight, they attacked Charlotte Flair and Natalya the next night. 

The following week, “The Riott Squad” defeated Flair, Naomi, and Natalya in their SmackDown Live debuts in a six-woman tag team match. 

Morgan was the eleventh entrant in the first women’s Royal Rumble match on January 28, 2018, pay-per-view. However, Michelle McCool eliminated her. 

Morgan lost her WrestleMania 34 debut in the 20-woman Women’s Battle Royal on April 8.

The Riott Squad split after Morgan joined SmackDown for the Superstar Shake-up on April 16. Charlotte Flair submitted Morgan on SmackDown Live on July 16.

Morgan returned to Raw on October 14, the year’s last choice. December vignettes advertised Morgan’s return. 

Morgan showed her love for Lana on Raw on December 30, disrupting Bobby Lashley and Lana’s storybook wedding. 

She joined Rusev, fighting Lana and Lashley after Lana attacked her. Morgan beat Lana on Raw on January 27–28. 

After fighting Lana, Morgan fought Ruby Riott, who turned against her. Sarah Logan guest refereed Morgan’s March 2 Raw win over Riott. 

Morgan lost her second Elimination Chamber match to Shayna Baszler on March 8. Morgan defeated Natalya on April 5’s WrestleMania 36 pre-show. 

Morgan defeated Riott on Raw on April 20 and 27 after WrestleMania. Morgan was picked Raw 2023. 

After Morgan hurt his shoulder on May 19, Rodriguez and Morgan relinquished the championships after 39 days. Morgan may appear on June 23 on SmackDown.

On June 24, 2023, Morgan and Rodriguez would face Rousey and Baszler for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship at Money in the Bank on SmackDown LowDown.

Morgan and Rodriguez won their second Women’s Tag Team Championship on July 1 by pinning Rousey after Baszler attacked. 

Morgan and Rodriguez lost the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship to Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green on Raw on July 17 after 16 days.

How old is Liv Morgan?

Liv Morgan (29 in September 2023) was born June 8, 1994. Liv loved wrestling from childhood in Morristown, New Jersey.

Inspired by Lita, she wrestled in her backyard as a child. She has gone from wrestling fan to WWE superstar, impressing audiences worldwide with her in-ring skills.

Liv Morgan height 

Liv Morgan may not be WWE’s tallest women’s contender at 5’3″. She makes up for her short stature with agility, technique, and personality.

Liv Morgan net worth

Liv Morgan estimated net worth as of 2024 has risen to an impressive $3 million, demonstrating her financial achievement. 

She is winning matches and achieving notable economic progress, with a base salary of $600,000 plus additional revenues from merchandising royalties and pay-per-view events. Her rising net worth shows that her star power is beyond the ring.


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