Is Mikey Keene Injured? A Rumor Or A Fact?

Mikey Keene Injured

Latest Updates and Injury Assessment

Mikey Keene injured during a recent college football game, and the uncertainty surrounding his injury has left fans and analysts eagerly awaiting updates on his availability for the upcoming season.

One player who has recently been in the spotlight in college football is Mikey Keene, the Fresno State quarterback. Injuries can significantly impact a team’s performance.

Rumors about his current injury status have left fans and analysts curious about his availability for the upcoming season.

Let’s examine the latest updates about Mikey Keene injury and provide a comprehensive assessment.

The Injury Incident

During a game against Wyoming, Mikey Keene suffered an ankle injury that forced him to leave the field.

It happened when his cleat caught in the ground, causing his ankle to awkwardly bend. 

Despite his obvious discomfort, Keene expressed a strong desire to return to the game, but the severity of the injury prevented him from doing so. 

Mike Keene

The Bulldogs ultimately lost the game, further emphasizing the impact of Keene’s absence.

Without Keene’s presence, the Bulldogs were unable to capitalize on several key plays, including an opportunity for a touchdown. 

His absence left the team lacking the leadership, skill, and determination necessary to win the game.

Mikey Keene’s Availability after injury

Since the incident, it has been uncertain about Mikey Keene’s availability for future games, especially the matchup against Utah State. 

It was confirmed by head coach Logan Fife, who replaced Keene in the Wyoming game, that the injury was an ankle injury.

However, Fresno State’s head coach, Jeff Tedford, recently provided an update on the ankle injury of sophomore quarterback Mikey Keene.

According to Tedford, Keene underwent an X-ray yesterday, and he is scheduled to have another one today.

As of now, it remains uncertain whether Keene will be able to play in Friday’s game against Utah State.

Coach’s Statement

Coach Fife told reporters that Keene has an ankle injury. I cannot tell you the extent of it until we know more”. 

While this statement does not provide a definitive answer, it suggests that the coaching staff is awaiting further medical evaluation to determine the severity of Keene’s injury.

Replacement Quarterback

If Mikey Keene is unable to play, Logan Fife, the junior quarterback who filled in for Keene during the Wyoming game, is likely to start. 

It is likely that Fresno State fans can find some comfort in the fact that Fife showed promise in his limited playing time.

Mikey Keene Injured: Ankle Assessment

Because of a lack of detailed information, it is difficult to accurately estimate the severity of Mikey Keene’s ankle injury. 

An MRI has been scheduled to provide a comprehensive evaluation and determine what action is needed. Keene’s return to the field remains uncertain until the results are available.


A concern has been raised by Fresno State fans and the football community regarding the injury suffered by Mikey Keene. 

Even though it is not known what the exact cause of the ankle injury is, it is evident that Keene’s absence has negatively affected the team’s performance. 

It is only through time that Keene will be able to find out the extent of his injury and when he will be able to return to football.

You may also interested to know some facts about Mikey Keene

Before joining Fresno State, Mikey Keene played for the UCF Knights. Keene transferred to Fresno State as a redshirt sophomore after spending two seasons at UCF.

The statistics show Keene’s ability to make plays on the field. He has thrown for 1,692 yards, 15 touchdowns, and 4 interceptions during his college career.

It is no surprise that Keene has garnered attention from various sources as he has been described as a pro-style quarterback with a 3-star rating and has received attention for his college football accomplishments.

In the coming years, Keene’s talent and potential will pave the way for a promising professional career. As he matures and showcases his skills, it will be interesting to follow his development.


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