James Harden Sister: Antique Jelks Defensive On 76ers Drama

James Harden Sister

Antique Jelk is James Harden sister. Raised together by their mother, they share a beautiful and cherished sibling bond.

Their bond is evident through the support of her brother in this Philadelphia 76ers issue.

American basketball star James Edward Harden Jr. has a stellar reputation for his scoring prowess.

James’s first stop in his professional basketball journey was with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

He received distinction as the NBA Sixth Man of the Year.

Harden signed with the Rockets of Houston after his time with the Thunder was successful.

He kept up the excellent work, and in 2018, he was named NBA MVP.

In a significant deal in 2021, Harden was sent to the Brooklyn Nets. Back-to-back All-Star games followed his stellar play.

Edward has played with the US National Team his whole career.

He contributed to the 2012 and 2014 Olympic and FIBA World Cup victories.

Let dive right in and explore some fascinating details about the talented James Harden sisters.

Who is James Harden Sister?

Born on July 13 in California, USA, she is approaching her 30s and holds US citizenship.

Arnique Jelks, the sister of NBA star James Harden, is a professional stylist and interior decorator.

James Harden Sister 2

Despite her brother’s fame, she chooses not to work for him.

Arnique is not only a successful businesswoman, but also a dedicated mother, as seen on her Instagram profile.

Arnique, a devout Christian and a Cancer zodiac sign, prefers to keep her marital status and her husband’s name private.

Her children’s names are Justice Williams and Jamori Williams.

She maintains an Instagram profile and has a strong affinity for aesthetics.

Jelk Harden continues to pursue her passion for the arts, regardless of her financial status.

The Philadelphia 76ers’ and Antique Jelks reaction

After James Harden referred to Daryl Morey, the President of Basketball Operations, as untruthful, Al Horford’s sister offered her viewpoint.

Horford, currently with the Celtics, previously played for the Sixers.

In response to a video of Harden criticizing Morey, Anna Horford tweeted on Monday, “It almost seems as if the entire organization is a colossal, miserable mess.”

Anna frequently expresses her thoughts about the Sixers on social media.

The Philadelphia 76ers

In 2019, Horford signed a lucrative four-year, $109 million deal with the 76ers.

However, a year later, due to a lack of synergy with Joel Embiid, the 76ers traded Horford to the Thunder.

James Harden family

He is an NBA player of African-American heritage.

Born on August 16, 1989, in Los Angeles, California, his parents are Monja Willis and James Harden Sr.

James Harden family 1

Growing up in Compton, a neighborhood notorious for gang violence in the 1990s, his mother, Monja Willis, raised him and his siblings single-handedly.

Despite the challenges, he maintains a strong bond with his mother and attributes his success in professional athletics to her support.

Raised by a Navy father and an AT&T supervisor mother from Pasadena, his father struggled with drug addiction, ultimately leading to his incarceration.

He attended Artesia High School, where his basketball journey began.

He later played for the Arizona State Sun Devils, showcasing his brilliance with an average of 17.8 points and 5.3 rebounds per game.

James Harden brothers

Akili Roberson, the half-brother of a well-known superstar, is fourteen years older than the superstar.

Roberson initially had a promising career as a quarterback, and even Nebraska expressed interest in recruiting the superstar’s sibling.

However, Akili’s academic ineligibility prevented him from accepting any of the offers. In 1997, he transferred to Kansas after playing football for LA Southwest College.

Despite his short time with the Jayhawks, Mr. Akili continued to pursue a professional football career and spent some time in the Arena Football League.

In 2023, the athlete’s sibling established a barbershop in Oklahoma City, where he is still actively working.

In an interview with Calvin Watkins of The Athletic in 2018, Roberson revealed that he maintains a close relationship with his younger brother, James Harden.

Roberson also serves as Harden’s personal barber, and he humorously suggested that his influence might have played a role in shaping Harden’s iconic beard.

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