Who Are Jayson Tatum Parents? How Is His Relationship With Them?

Jayson Tatum Parents

Jayson Tatum‘s Parents, Justin Tatum and Brandy Cole, who goes by Jayson Christopher Tatum Sr, was brought into the world on March 3, 1998, in St. Louis, Missouri.

His parents, Brandy Cole and Justin Tatum met while studying at Saint Louis University and fell in love.

Tatum values his parents greatly and sees them as one of his greatest assets. His father, Justin, was a basketball player and now coaches the sport after retiring from playing.

On the other hand, Brandy is a lawyer and leads a private life. Information about her early years is not readily available online.

Brandy passed up a volleyball scholarship to raise Jayson while Justin continued his education at St. Louis University, where he played basketball.

About Jayson’s mother, Brandy Cole

Brandy Cole faced numerous challenges when raising her son Jayson Tatum as a single mother. Brandy moved out of her mother’s home at just six months old and purchased a two-bedroom house in St.

Louis, but struggled to make enough money to furnish it. She and Jayson slept on the same bed for several years while she balanced a part-time job, education at the University of Missouri, and the responsibilities of being a single mother.

Brandy’s busy schedule often meant she missed important moments in Jayson’s life. If no one was available to babysit, Brandy would bring Jayson with her to class. Despite a teacher expressing concerns, Brandy stood her ground and defended her right to bring Jayson with her.

Despite the challenges, Brandy never lost her determination and resilience. When the family received a foreclosure notice on their front door, Brandy applied for a loan modification and was able to keep their home.

Jayson has spoken about the sacrifices his mother made for him and how he admires her strength and determination. Despite their hardships, Brandy’s unwavering love and dedication to her son have helped shape him into the successful athlete and person he is today.

About Jayson’s father, Justin Tatum

During Jayson Tatum’s childhood, his father, Justin Tatum was always present, and the two had a strong bond. They would often talk, and when Justin went to play basketball in the Netherlands, Brandy brought Jayson to Europe to visit him.

Upon his return from Holland, Justin became one of Jayson’s primary coaches and quickly realized the young boy’s potential as he consistently scored against older teams. However, as Jayson grew older, their relationship became strained.

Justin appeared unimpressed with Jayson’s achievements, even as other fathers would offer congratulations to their children. Justin seemed oblivious to Jayson’s accomplishments, causing tension between the two.

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