Jerry Jones 1957 Picture Landed Him In The Hot Spot – What Is It Referred To?

jerry jone 1957 picture

Jerry Jones 1957 picture landed him in the hot spot when Lebron James brought up the contentious photo of the Dallas Cowboys owner.

The NBA star wanted to discuss the picture of the Dallas Cowboys owner that has been making the rounds recently during a media appearance this week.

James questioned why further inquiries about the historical image weren’t made.

On November 23, The Washington Post released an article about Jones that showed him in a rather tricky spot. 

The article focused on Jones’s history with the NFL and the fact that his squad had relied nearly entirely on White coaches during his time there. 

And while that is true, Jones’s childhood experience may have been the most exciting insight into race in America.

Jerry Jones 1957 Picture Analysis

In a 1957 black-and-white photograph taken outside Little Rock High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, Jones, who was 14 at the time, appears to be part of a group of students who oppose the school’s desegregation.

On September 9, 1957, six black students were prevented from entering the building by a group of white guys; Jones was among them. 

After the Supreme Court decided to abolish segregated schools, this happened three years later.

Across the street from Little Rock Central High, targeted by enraged mobs and the state’s national guard in September 1957, another group of black students known as the Little Rock Nine was also making national news.

It appears to show a group of white students attempting to stop a black group from entering North Little Rock High School.

What did Jerry Jones reveal about the picture?

Jones, 80, was recently compelled to discuss the 1957 photograph.

Jones explained his position during the event shortly after the photo was made public and, in the process, spoke in defense of himself.

‘I wasn’t aware of the big event that was taking place at the time,’ he stated following the Dallas Cowboys’ victory on Thanksgiving.

‘I’m really happy that we’ve moved on from it. I am. That would serve as a reminder to me to keep putting forth all of our effort to prevent such events.’

Jones stated, ‘That was 65 years ago, and I had no idea what I was doing when I got up there. It was just a reminder to me how to improve and do things the proper way.’

Jones has nonetheless faced criticism for his role and for reminding some people of the Cowboys’ hiring procedures.

Although it’s unclear whether Jones was actively working to end the school’s segregation, a Washington Post article argues that images suggest Jones may have had to make an extra effort to avoid the North Little Rock Six in order to keep them from entering the building. 

Hence, it’s more of an effort thing than a curiosity thing.

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