Jim Boeheim Wife – Unique Aspects Of Their Married Life

Jim Boeheim's wife, Juli Boeheim has been running a nonprofit organization to spread awareness about cancer.

Jim Boeheim wife

The organization came into action after Jim’s cancer diagnosis.

The Hall of Fame Syracuse coach, Jim Boeheim, developed into one of the faces of college basketball as the sport rose in reputation through his 47 seasons. 

On Wednesday, March 8, 2023, Jim was replaced as the coach after losing in a conference tournament.

Adrian Autry, an ex-player for Boeheim who has been the men’s basketball team’s associate head coach since 2017, was named his successor hours after Boeheim told reporters that it was the Univesity call to decide whether he would carry on as coach.

The marriage of Jim and Juli

Jim Boeheim’s wife, Juli, was born on March 5, 1966. She was raised in several states, including Alabama, Florida, and Kentucky.

The duo was married in 1997 after Boeheim and his first wife, Elaine, divorced. They both met during a party at the Kentucky Derby.

In 1996, during an interview, she spoke about the start of their relationship, touching on the twenty years age difference.

She said, “I saw someone who is bright and funny and well-read and mature and realistic. But I see someone who can be playful, too.”

Jim and Juli share three children, including two sons who play for their father. However, their daughter, Jaime played basketball for the University of Rochester.

One of the most prominent aspects of their marriage life is the fact that Juli has an amicable relationship with Jim’s former wife, Elaine. According to some sources, Elaine and Juli never had any beef.

As per Boeheim’s ex-wife, Elaine, she had no problems with her and Jim’s daughter Elizabeth spending time with Juli. According to reports, the two even sat by each other at Syracuse matches.

Another prominent aspect of their relationship is that Boeheim and Juli run a nonprofit together. ‘The Jim & Juli Boeheim Foundation,’ established after Jim’s cancer diagnosis, was one of the most important things to the couple.

However, Boeheim won his life-death battle against prostate cancer. Since then, he has continued spreading awareness about prostate cancer’s early symptoms and stages.

Juli became the victim of the robbery

In March 2022, Juli Boeheim was the victim of what was believed to be an armed robbery. 

According to the reports, Boeheim’s wife was sitting in her car when a teenager pulled out a gun and demanded her phone and purse.

Jim turned her possessions over before the 12-year-old boy rode away in a car. Later on the same day, the car was found on the east side of Syracuse before the teenager was identified and arrested.

Jim spoke about this incident on a local radio show. He said, “She’s definitely shook up. I mean, this isn’t television. It’s not movies. It’s real life. Somebody puts a gun in a face. She’s handling it well, I mean, better than I probably would.”

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