Tony Romo And Jim Nantz Christmas Sweater Viral On Rams-Broncos Broadcast

Jim Nantz Christmas Sweater

Tony Romo and Jim Nantz’s Christmas sweaters that they wore were highly liked by the people when they watched the Christmas day game between the Los Angeles Denver Broncos and Rams in Week 16. 

Broncos and Rams had an incredible match, and they shared a 4-10 record on Christmas day. From the beginning of the season, the matches were intense between the Super Bowl contenders.

In the match, Denver was unable to get around Russell Wilson at the time Mathew Stafford’s injury was evaporated by the Rams’ Super Bowl defense.

Apart from the match, people loved the broadcasting performed by Tony Romo and Jim Nantz, who was given a task to work on Christmas and dress appropriately. However, the two wore ugly Christmas sweaters. 

If you look at Romo’s sweater, you’ll see red and white triangles and green-colored sleeves. On the other hand, Nantz’s sweater was all red, with an image of Bob Ross wearing a Santa hat. Across his sweater, a phrase was written which reads, “let’s get crazy.”

The move was highly genius of them as it caught everyone’s attention watching the game’s broadcasting. People went on Twitter to shared the picture of Tony Romo and Jim Nantz’s ugly Christmas sweaters. 

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