Who Is Justin Langer Wife? What Is Their Relationship Like?

Justin Langer Wife

Who is Justin Langer’s wife Sue Langer? Langer and his wife, Sue, have been together since they first met in high school. 

The couple married on April 3, 1996, and are now proud parents of four daughters. Their eldest daughter is Ali Rose, and Jessica is their youngest. 

To protect the privacy of their family, Justin has gone out of his way to avoid the media spotlight by not providing personal details about himself or his wife. 

Despite being a big name in cricket, those close to him describe him as an incredibly loving husband and father who has no problem taking time from training to spend with his kids. 

Currently living in Hatch Beauchamp, Australia, the family is surrounded by an immense supportive network that allows them to thrive as a unit, no matter if Justin is playing cricket or having some time at home.

However, Justin Langer’s wife has not shared her relationship and personal life publicly. She tries to stay away from the public eye and maintain a private life. 

Justin Langer wife, Sue, cried before the Sydney Test match

Justin Langer has his wife to thank for his successful career, but it seems the stress of being a top-flight cricketer may have put a strain on their relationship. 

It was an emotional moment for Justin Langer when he revealed that his wife, Sue, had never shed tears in front of him until the day before the Sydney test match. 

Justin Langer
Justin Langer

Langer recounted how watching her cry at breakfast with their kids gave him a startling realization of how harsh the criticism was about himself and Australian cricket as a whole. 

She said: ‘I don’t like what’s happening here. I don’t like what it’s doing to you, and I don’t like what it’s doing to us. People are so mean; what people say about you, the team, and Australian cricket.’

“The realisation that it was affecting my family was a real eye-opener for me.” Said, Langer. The event occurred as India defeated Langer’s Australians 2-1 in the Test series.

An event that marked a turning point, not just for his career but perhaps his outlook too, when it came to facing criticisms in the future. 

While Justin Langer’s wife’s motivations are unclear, it surely shows what an incredible and supportive force she has been in Langer’s life ever since.

Justin Langer’s Personal life

Born on November 21, 1970, in Perth, Western Australia, Justin Lee Langer is a former Australian cricket player and current coach. 

He attended Newman College and Aquinas College in Perth, where he now has a cricket shield named after him. 

Langer is the nephew of Rob Langer, a former left-handed batter for Western Australia in the 1970s and 1980s.

Apart from cricket, Langer is also a martial artist who holds a first-degree black belt in Shodan-Ho in Zen Do Kai. 

He has written several books, including his debut novel, “From Outback to Outfield: A Revealing Diary of Life on the County Cricket Circuit,” and his second biography, “The Power Of Passion” published in 2001, which documented his recovery from a catastrophic incident. 

He co-authored “The Ashes War Diaries” with Steve Harrison about the Australian Ashes series from 2006-2007. 

Langer’s other books include “Seeing the Sunrise,” a handbook for overcoming self-doubt and aiming high, and “Keeping My Head: A Life in Cricket.”

In addition to his accomplishments, Langer is the subject of a song by Melbourne rock group Telemachus Brown titled “Justin Langer.” 

The song highlights his transformation from an average Test batter early in his career to a premier opener later on. 

Langer is a devout Catholic and politically conservative, admiring former Australian Prime Minister John Howard and contemplating running for office as a member of the Liberal Party of Australia.

Professional career of Justin Langer 

Justin Langer is an Australian cricket legend. He began his career at a young age, making the Australian under-19 team and Western Australia’s underage squad.

His interest in cricket was obvious to coaches, who awarded him with a bursary from the Australian Institute of Sport to attend the prestigious Cricket Academy.

From there, he shouldered distinction in Sheffield Shields and made his debut for Australia against West Indies in 1993 – when he was only 22 years old.

In 2018, Langer took on the role of head coach for the Men’s Australian Cricket Team, which he fulfilled through February 2022 before announcing his resignation.

Unfortunately, he only batted occasionally for Australia once he was chosen for the tour of Pakistan in 2006, where he recorded his first Test century.

justin langer coach of Australian Team
Justin langer coach of Australian Team

When he began his career, Justin Langer was an opening batsman for Australia in test matches during the early and middle 2000s. 

He formed a strong partnership with Mathew Hayden, which was often described as one of the most effective partnerships ever. 

Later on in his career, Justin established himself in the third position of the batting lineup, particularly during the 2001 Ashes series. 

Alongside his previously mentioned touring accomplishments with Australia’s team, Longer also represented Western Australia domestically by participating in Middlesex and Somerset’s English county cricket teams.

Longer represented Western Australia domestically by participating in Middlesex and Somerset’s English county cricket teams.

He currently owns the Australian first-class record for runs scored. As the nation’s coach, he guided Australia to success in the 2021 T20 World Cup.

Later, throughout his outstanding performance, he was at the top of the ranking. 

What is Justin Langer’s wife’s stance on his retirement?

Justin Langer’s wife’s unwavering support was evident throughout his playing days, but she likely wanted him at home more often so they could be together as a family. 

This shows her commitment and unconditional love, as well as her dedication to her husband’s career and dreams. 

Justin Langer certainly had an incredible ride in the cricketing world, and if it wasn’t for his wife’s encouragement and understanding, it may not have been the same.

Justin Langer had a stellar career playing over 100 tests and scoring 7,000 runs in Australian colors. 

This remarkable feat only made it harder for him to make the decision to officially declare his retirement when the fifth Ashes test began at the Sydney Cricket Ground on January 1. 

His decision came shortly after Damien Martyn, and not soon enough, Shane Warne and Glenn McGrath all announced their retirements earlier in the month.

Langer initially decided he would stay on for another tour with Australia, who were seeking to regain their Ashes from England. 

However, he soon changed his mind believing “you’ll know when it’s time.” With that thought of clarity in mind, he chose the game in Melbourne to declare his official retirement signaling the end of an illustrious career. 

As Langer stepped away from Test cricket, all eyes looked to Steve Smith as Australia’s leader moving forward into another era.

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