Karl Malone’s Wife, Kay Kinsey – Everything You Need To Know About Her

Karl Malone's Wife Kay Kinsey

Karl Malone’s wife, Kay Kinsey, is a retired American supermodel. She became popular after winning the Miss Idaho USA title in 1988.

Karl Malone is a former American NBA professional basketball player. Nicknamed “the Mailman,” he is considered one of the most incredible power forwards in the history of the NBA. 

Kay Kinsey abandoned her modeling career after marrying Karl Malone three decades ago. The famous and stunning couple has a wonderful love story. 

They first met at a mall in Salt Lake City, Utah, where Karl was in an autograph signing session. They slowly got to know eachother over the phone and became distant lovers. 

On December 24th, 1990, they made their relationship official by tying the knot. Karl and Kay are parents of four beautiful children. 

kay kinsey’s biography, age, net worth, & more

Kay Kinsey was born in Idaho, United States. While growing up, her family lived in different places in the US, such as San Antonio, Hawaii, California, and Texas. 

She went to a local high school in Idaho. Later, she joined Bosie State university in Idaho for her tertiary education. She eventually graduated from the learning institution with a degree in sociology. 

Kay Kinsey’s parents are Bob Kinsey, a retired United States military officer, and Celestina Kinsey. Celestina passed away in the year 2000 due to colon cancer. 

Kay Kinsey was born on August 8th, 1964. She turned 58 years old in 2022. 

Kay became a professional supermodel after she won the Miss Idaho USA title in 1988. She left modeling after getting married to Karl Malone. 

Soon after she retired from modeling, she opened up the Teriyaki Grill restaurant in Ruston, Louisiana, with her husband. 

She also runs other businesses besides the restaurant, including Breakfast in Salt Lake City, Eskimoe’s Ice Cream, Wolfe Krest Bed, and Arby’s in Ruston.

Kay Kinsey is no doubt a successful businesswoman. Her current estimated net worth is $75,000. However, this figure is unverified as no one knows Kay Kinsey’s exact net worth. 

According to Celebrity Net Worth, her husband is worth $55 million. Kay Kinsey and Karl Malone are parents of three daughters and one son. 

Despite fans asking her repeatedly, Kay Kinsey has not divulged any information regarding her home address due to security concerns. 

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