The Story Of Laura Harrier Klay Thompson Split in Detail

The Story Of Laura Harrier Klay Thompson Split in Detail

Get all the latest information on the Laura Harrier Klay Thompson split, including the reasons behind it and other facts, in this article.

In the worlds of sports and Hollywood, sometimes famous people become even more famous because of their relationships. Klay Thompson from the Golden State Warriors and Laura Harrier, known for being in Spider-Man, were a couple that got a lot of attention. 

The Story Of Laura Harrier Klay Thompson Split in Detail
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But now, are they still together or not?

As of February 8, 2022, it seems like Klay Thompson and Laura Harrier are not together anymore. 

Even though they were on and off for a while, recent news says they’ve been completely broken up for the last couple of years. 

In the summer of 2021, there were rumors that Klay was dating someone else, and Laura seemed to be moving on too.

Here’s a funny thing: Klay Thompson’s teammate Jordon Poole brought back an old story. 

In 2019, Poole asked in a comment if they could all go on a double date with him and Zendaya. 

But here’s the twist – Poole and Zendaya weren’t dating at all. He just hoped Laura Harrier could set him up with Zendaya, her Spider-Man co-star. 

Even though this happened in 2019, people on the internet recently found it again, and now it’s getting attention.

Laura Harrier
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Laura Harrier Klay Thompson Split

Now, let’s talk about Klay Thompson’s love life. Besides basketball, he’s known for having some interesting relationships. 

In 2015, he dated model Hannah Stockings for almost a year. After that, he was linked to Instagram influencer Abigail Ratchford, cheerleader Cherise Sandra, and basketball player Tiffany Suarez, all in the same year.

In 2018, Klay started going out with Laura Harrier. Before that, he was dating someone else, but they broke up because of privacy issues. 

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The good thing is, Klay and Laura liked to keep their relationship private, even though people saw them together many times.

They spent New Year’s together, and even though they were seen holding hands and looking close, they never said they were officially together. 

But despite trying to keep their relationship secret, news came out in mid-2019 that they broke up. Then, surprisingly, they seemed to get back together in July.

They were seen holding hands in Malibu, went to a Dodgers game, and even took a romantic trip to France. In February 2020, they made their first red carpet appearance as a couple at a fancy party. 

But now, it seems like they might have broken up again. Some fans think so because of a Valentine’s Day post from Klay where he was sailing with a friend. People are wondering if his relationship status with Laura Harrier is still “complicated.” We’ll have to wait and see what happens next.

Here are some of the most common questions

Was Klay Thompson traded?

As of today, December 14, 2023, Klay Thompson remains firmly rooted with the Golden State Warriors, as there have been no discernible reports or rumors of a potential trade. The dynamic shooting guard continues to contribute to the Warriors’ roster.

Did Laura Harrier get married?

The current marital status of Laura Harrier remains undisclosed, adding an element of privacy to her personal life. There is no official information confirming or denying her marriage, preserving the actress’s personal boundaries.

How much money does Klay Thompson make a year?

Klay Thompson’s annual income is contingent on several factors, including contractual agreements and lucrative endorsements. While the specific details of his earnings remain unconfirmed, our sources emphasize that as a prominent figure in the NBA, Klay Thompson commands a substantial annual salary. The exact figures, however, are still awaiting official verification.

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