Loreal Sarkisian: The First Lady of Texas Football & Steve Sarkisian wife

Steve Sarkisian new wife Loreal

Loreal Sarkisian is known as the First Lady of Texas Football. She’s not just the wife of the head football coach at the University of Texas, Steve Sarkisian; she’s a stylish and caring person with an interesting life story.

Early Life and Career

Loreal Sarkisian grew up in California and loved track and field. She was really good at high jump, even becoming the champion in 1998. Later, she went to the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) for college.

After finishing college with a degree in sociology, Loreal became a stylist. She worked with famous people and started her own business called Loreal Fashion Consulting, where she helps people look good for different events.


Loreal cares a lot about helping others. She created the “Why Not You?” Foundation to support kids with education, health, and fitness opportunities. She also helps the Rise School of Austin, which teaches young children with Down Syndrome and other disabilities. Loreal is part of the Girl Scouts and helps out at the Texas Children’s Hospital too.

Loreal Sarkisian The First Lady of Texas Football Steve Sarkisian wife
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Fashion and Style

Loreal is known for her great sense of style. She mixes expensive and affordable clothes to create cool looks. She shares her fashion tips through Loreal Fashion Consulting, and she believes that feeling good about yourself can bring positive energy.

Texas Football

Loreal is famous in Texas football because she married the head coach, Steve Sarkisian. She’s often seen at games and supports the Longhorns. But it’s not just about being a supportive spouse; she really loves how football brings people together for a common goal.

How was the relationship between Steve Sarkisian Loreal Sarkisian
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How was the relationship between Steve Sarkisian & Loreal Sarkisian?

Steve Sarkisian and Loreal Sarkisian have been married for over 20 years, and their relationship has been a topic of interest for many.

Despite the pressure of being in the public eye, the couple has remained relatively private about their personal lives. However, from what is known, they seem to have a strong and stable relationship.

When did Steve and Loreal meet?

Steve and Loreal met in high school and started dating shortly after. They attended Brigham Young University together and got married in 1997, and have since had three children together.

Throughout Steve’s career as a football coach, Loreal has been a supportive and involved partner. S

he has been by his side throughout his ups and downs, including his battle with alcoholism, and has helped him stay focused on his career and personal life.

Loreal Sarkisian’s wedding with Steve Sarkisian.

Loreal Sarkisian and Steve Sarkisian got married in June 1997 in California. Steve Sarkisian, a former football quarterback and coach, has worked with renowned teams such as USC, Washington, Atlanta Falcons, and Alabama.

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