What is Marissa Mowry Net Worth? What Is Trevor Lawrence Wife’s Worth?

marissa mowry net worth

Marissa Mowry net worth reflects the culmination of her achievements in professional sports, modeling, and her dynamic career as a public figure.

Marissa Mowry’s journey began with a love for football. Over time, she transitioned into a professional soccer player in the United States.

Her path to success also included ventures into the worlds of modeling and social media.

Her financial status has undoubtedly benefited from these multifaceted pursuits.

Marissa is married to the well-known model and NFL quarterback, William Trevor Lawrence.

Marissa Mowry husband

In addition to her marriage, she actively engages in various income-generating endeavors.

Let’s delve into Marissa Mowry’s net worth, and uncover a story characterized by versatility and significant achievement.

Who is Marissa Mowry?

Born November 10, 1999, Marissa Mowry will be 24 years old in 2023. Cartersville, Georgia, is her hometown.

Her parents’ names are both Mowrys: Steve and Kelly.

She began participating in sports at the tender age of five, particularly displaying a fondness for football. 

McKenzie and Miranda were her siblings, and they were her best friends growing up.

Marissa attended the soccer academy at Darlington High School. 

Marissa Mowryy

She got her diploma from Cartersville High. She continued her education after high school, this time at Anderson University, where she earned a degree in public relations. 

Her high school and college careers as a soccer player are documented in her official player profile.


Marissa is an athlete herself, with a long football (or soccer) career.

Despite her hardships, she continues to pursue her love of athletics. 

She stepped forward to be the Trojans’ quarterback.

Marissa spent 2018-2020 as a midfielder for the Anderson Trojans.

In addition, she is contemplating a career transition towards the realm of modeling.

She believes her captivating appearance is well-suited for the fashion industry.

With that in mind, she has secured representation with MP Management, a renowned global modeling agency.

Her Instagram profile reveals a collection of self-portraits, suggesting her availability and interest in pursuing modeling opportunities.

Marissa Mowry net worth

Marissa Mowry is a famous athlete and model.

She is the wife of successful model William Trevor Lawrence, from whose earnings she benefits financially. 

Marissa Mowry

A portion of her revenue comes from speaking engagements and social media.

As of 2023, it is reasonable to assume that she has a net worth of at least $1 million.

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