Meet Former Tiger Woods Wife, Elin Nordegren – Where Is She Now?

tiger woods wife

Tiger Woods’ wife, Elin Nordegren, divorced him in 2010 following his highly publicized infidelity scandal.

Elin Nordegren is a Swedish-born former model who is best known as Tiger Woods’ ex-wife and mother of their two children. 

They were married for almost six years before their divorce in 2010 due to Woods’ infidelity. Despite their past, they remain close friends and co-parents, prioritizing their children.

Who is Tiger Woods’ wife?

Elin Nordegren’s parents divorced when she was seven years old, and she spent an equal amount of time with each of them growing up. 

She explained that her parents’ exemplary co-parenting likely influenced her amicable post-divorce relationship with Woods.

Before her modeling career, Nordegren worked as a nanny and spent a year nannying for Swedish golfer Jesper Parnevik’s children. 

Parnevik was the one to introduce Nordegren to her future husband, Tiger Woods, though the pro golfer later said he regretted bringing them together.

After dating for nearly three years, Woods and Nordegren married in Barbados in October 2004, with their 200 guests including family, friends, and A-list sports stars like Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley. They chose the tropical locale for its beautiful beaches and privacy.

The travel bug has bitten her since she was a child, and she cherishes her European road trip memories to this day. She has been to every European country multiple times and has tried to give her kids similar travel experiences.

In 2010, she stated that her parents never made her dress like her identical twin sister, Josefin. Instead, they encouraged both girls to be independent. 

“Everybody knew that red equals Elin and blue equals Josefin,” Nordegren said. “Today I appreciate that they did that. My sister has been my best friend since the day we were born, and she is more than a best friend today.”

Though Nordegren was a swimsuit model in her teens, she never planned on making it her career. She was never very successful at it and didn’t intend to pursue it. 

Tiger Woods is back with a bang

On Thursday, the Genesis Invitational tournament began with Tiger Woods, ranked 1,294th worldwide, competing alongside higher-ranked players. 

Despite his injuries and setbacks, Woods maintains his competitive spirit and hopes to win the tournament. 

He sees each round as an opportunity for rehabilitation and experimentation to improve his rebuilt body, with each stroke serving as a data point for his team. 

Woods shot a two-under-par 69 on Thursday and will continue to compete on Friday.

When Woods played in the Master’s Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club last April to make his post-accident comeback, he stated he would undergo “loads of treatments, lots of cold, lots of ice baths, just essentially freezing myself to death” before the following day’s round. 

He abandoned his plans to compete in the U.S. Open after withdrawing from the following big event of the year, the P.G.A. Championship, where he was 12 over par after three rounds. 

He subsequently stated that there was “no way physically I could have done that.” After missing the cut at the British Open in July, he said it was “impossible merely to walk and play 18 holes.”

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