Meet Mike Clevinger’s Girlfriend, Monika Grace Ceraolo

Meet Mike Clevinger's Girlfriend

Mike Clevinger’s girlfriend, Monika Grace Ceraolo prefers to remain away from the spotlight. 

On January 24, 2023, Clevinger was placed under investigation by Major League Baseball for alleged domestic violence and child abuse against his 10-month-old daughter and her mother.

Mike Clevinger’s Ex-Girlfriend, Olivia Finestead wrote about her allegations against Clevinger on her Instagram Story on Tuesday. 

She said that the 32-year-old strangled her, threw used chewing tobacco on their child when she was pregnant, and hurled an iPad at her. 

he also provided images of her purported wounds, which she claims happened last season while Clevinger was playing for the Padres.

Mike Clevenger and his girlfriend, Monica Ceraolo, have been together for a considerable amount of time and have two lovely daughters to show for it. 

Although Monica is relatively unknown in the public eye, she shows her love and support for Mike by attending his performances.

Sources suggest that Mike has had little experience with long relationships before her and hasn’t been involved in any drama or controversy. 

He’s been happily devoted to Monica since their relationship. The bond between them has only grown stronger over time, yet reports indicate that they have not tied the knot despite many years of being together.

Recently, numerous sources confirmed that they are getting married soon. The couple is considered one of the most enviable in the industry. 

Since they started dating, they have looked happy and content while expressing their love publicly on their social media accounts. From them, their followers have taken inspiration as well. 

Mike and Monica have been living a life of adventure, exploring cultures and places together since they first got together. 

Whether it is trekking across Europe or attending festivals in Asia, the lovebirds always find exciting ways to breathe new life into their relationship.

On top of that, they make sure to share their passion for travel with the younger generation by taking them to museums and adventure parks so that they can learn about different cultures firsthand. 

Besides sharing a love of travel, Mike and Monica have something else in common: they were both born in the same year! Mike turned thirty this past December while Monica will be celebrating her thirtieth birthday in June.

Monica’s and Mike’s Children

Monica and Mike couldn’t have been more excited when they welcomed their two beautiful daughters, Penelope Grace and Piper Lotus—born only a year apart.

Now in 2023, Penelope is six years old and successfully attending school in her hometown, while five-year-old Piper continues to thrive at home. The couple loves basking in the moment as they proudly watch both of their daughters grow.

From special moments spent traveling and exploring together as a family to quality time spent inside the house with each other, Monica and Mike can create meaningful memories that will last.

Who is Monika Grace Ceraolo?

Monika Corelo is well-known as Mike’s girlfriend. Born on June 25, 1991, she was the daughter of Olga Patricia and Mark Ceraolo who have one other child: Jessica Marie – making her the eldest sister of Monica Kerala. 

Monika graduated from the University of North Florida in 2013 with a degree in public relation advertising and applied communications. It was here that she undertook an intern role at the Marko Group – a foundation that no doubt helped shape her career going forward.

Aside from her professional life, Monika showcases her interests through various social media outlets, such as blogging about exercise and nutrition regimens. 

She enjoys simple pleasures too, such as sipping red wine or drinking iced coffee whilst listening to live music, truly embracing life! 

As of now, records suggest that Monika works full-time as a Marketing Coordinator for Cabana Life and is truly living her best life.

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