Messi Kissing The World Cup Trophy – FIFA 2022 Was His Last

Messi kissing the world cup trophy

Lionel Messi saved his best performance last Sunday, and his fans were relieved when they saw Messi kissing the World Cup trophy. 

The FIFA World Cup 2022 final was noticeably the most thrilling match ever witnessed.

At first, the Argentina fans were relieved when Messi and Angel Di Maria scored two goals before the first half. 

However, with a few minutes left before the match ended, Mbappe inspired France’s team by scoring two goals, and evening the score led to extra time for the match to continue.

Then, a third goal was scored by Argentina’s side. 

Later, Mbappe scored the third goal for France with a penalty and evening the scores.

In the end, the match was decided by the penalty shots, and finally, Argentina won the FIFA World Cup 2022. 

It was confirmed that this was the third World Cup Argentina had won.

The last World Cup they won was in the year 1986, and after 36 long years, they won their third. 

Fast forward to the match’s ceremony, it was seen that the 35-year-old Albiceleste captain, Messi, was holding the world cup trophy. 

Messi kissing the World Cup trophy

The FIFA World Cup 2022 was marked to be the best season for football fans.

It gained huge popularity because several upsets were seen in the World Cup as the teams expected to win were knocked out. 

Argentina fans were shocked when the team lost their match against Saudi Arabia.

However, the team is well known for having star players, and they pulled out all the efforts to make it to the finals. 

After France made it to the finals, the hype was created over social media.

Messi and Mbappe fans were seen sharing different posts in support of their team. 

As mentioned before, the final was intense. The penalties only decided the match.

However, France fans were inspired to see their team’s performance as they were on the verge of winning the FIFA World Cup 2022. 

Messi was brought on stage during the match’s ceremony to collect the trophy.

When he was given the trophy, he held it like he was carrying a baby.

While walking to his team, he was seen kissing the trophy. 

His fans shared pictures of Messi kissing the World Cup 2022 trophy on social media.

That picture was first shared from Argentina’s official social media account, and the photo was trending on the internet in a few minutes. 

Even now, the photo of Messi kissing the World Cup trophy is trending on the internet.

Many of his fans have kept the photo in their gallery, and some of them have kept it as their wallpaper. 

Is FIFA World Cup 2022 his last?

Messi announced that the FIFA World Cup 2022 would be his last world cup.

He is not the only one who was playing in his last world cup. 

It was reported that Angel Di Maria also announced the FIFA World Cup 2022 would be his last.

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