Who Are Michael Chandler Sons? Where Are They Now? 

michael chandler son

Michael Chandler sons are Hap and Ace; both are his adopted sons. 

Michael Chandler is known as a famous UFC lightweight fighter and is recognized for his skills in the octagon and his role as a devoted father.

Alongside his wife, Brie, Chandler has a journey of parenthood through adoption; together, they welcome two sons into their family.

Their first adopted son, Hap, became a part of their lives in 2018. However, in 2022. 

Chandler excitedly shared the news of their newest family member, Ace, in an Instagram post, but his Instagram isn’t active on social media right now. 

During a candid conversation with Brendan Schaub on YouTube, Chandler opened up about the responsibilities and rewards of being a father, primarily through adoption. 

He expressed his feelings: “I truly believe that I was put on this earth to be Hap’s dad, Ace’s dad.”

Chandler highlighted the significance of Hap becoming an older brother and the responsibilities of that role.

He said it was important to guide and protect his younger brother and that being an older brother brings a sense of pride.

Further, he talked about the adoption process and explained that it involves a lot of paperwork, background checks, and even an FBI investigation. 

When Schaub asked why they chose to adopt instead of having biological children, Chandler shared that his wife had always wanted to adopt. 

After the happiness they experienced with their first adopted son, they decided to continue growing their family through adoption.

He believes creating a loving family is a unique and fulfilling experience whether children are biologically related or adopted.

He considers being a father the most important and rewarding role in life. Some might think they adopted it because Chandler is famous, but he disagrees. 

He believes their children’s lives have improved because of their love and care. He feels fortunate to be a positive influence in their lives.

When Did Michael Chandler welcome his firstborn? 

Michael Chandler and his wife, Brie Willet, welcomed their firstborn into their lives through adoption in 2018. 

They named him Hap Whitaker. Chandler emotionally described the moment he first saw a picture of his nine-month-old son.

After waiting several months to meet the legal requirements for adoption, Chandler and Brie finally became eligible. 

It only took six minutes for them to receive a call and catch a notice of the child who would become their first son.

According to Chandler, adopting a child had been on Brie’s mind since she was a teenager. 

Brie’s involvement as a volunteer at ‘Granny’s House,’ where she cared for orphaned children, influenced her desire to provide a loving home for a needy child.

Michael Chandler’s second adopted son

In April 2022, Michael and Brie celebrated the arrival of their second adopted son, Ace. They happily shared the news and adorable pictures of the baby on social media.

Michael has expressed his gratitude for the blessings that adoption brought his family. Being the parents of Hap and Ace has filled their lives with immense joy and love.

Apart from being a devoted father, Chandler also owns Training Camp, a fitness and MMA gym located in Nashville. 

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