Michael Schumacher’s Accident In December 2013 Resulted In Traumatic Brain Injury

Michael Schumacher accident

Michael Schumacher, the former Formula One champion and one of the most successful drivers in history, suffered a traumatic brain injury in December 2013 while skiing in the French Alps.

The accident occurred at Meribel Ski Resort while he was on vacation with his family.

The severity of his injuries was not initially known but it soon became apparent that they were very serious, as he was put into an induced coma and underwent two operations to remove blood clots from his brain.

After spending several months in the hospital, he was moved to a private residence where he has continued to receive specialist care ever since.

On the occasion of Michael Schumacher’s 54th birthday on Tuesday, his children shared throwback photos of their dad, along with a touching message encouraging him to keep fighting. 

In honor of their father’s birthday, daughter Gina-Maria posted a photo of them together wearing matching racing bomber jackets along with the caption: “Happy Birthday Dad 🫶🏽🥰 throwback to our karting times! 🏎️ #keepfighting ❤️.” The message served as a reminder for others to join her family’s fight to help bring Michael back to good health and happiness. 

This resonated with many fans around the world who have been keeping him in their thoughts and prayers ever since the accident took place.

As well as receiving specialist treatment from doctors and nurses at home, there is also evidence that Michael has benefitted from various forms of alternative therapies such as traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. 

Studies have shown that these types of treatments can be beneficial for those suffering from head trauma due to the anti-inflammatory properties they possess which help reduce swelling in the brain. 

There is no question that it has been an incredibly difficult time for both Michael and his family over the past few years. But despite all these difficulties, they remain determined to do everything they can to help him recover.

His wife Corinna recently set up a foundation called “Keep Fighting” which aims to raise awareness about traumatic brain injury and provide support for those affected by it. 

It is clear that Michael still remains very much loved by both his family and friends as well as millions of F1 fans around the world who hope for nothing more than for him to make a full recovery one day soon. 

As we celebrate his birthday, we must remember to never forget what an incredible racer Michael Schumacher was – one who pushed himself harder than anyone else could ever imagine – and keep sending all our love and good wishes towards him so he knows just how much we are all rooting for him every step of this tough journey.

Mick, the brother of the celebrated racing figure, follows his father’s legacy as a professional racer in his own right. His birthday tribute to his late father was an emotional one, displayed through two meaningful pictures.

One of Mick and his dad dressed up in formal attire and another of his father donning his racing uniform. His heartfelt message of “Happy birthday to the best Dad ever ❤️ love you!” serves both as a sweet gesture on a special day and a reminder that the memories remain alive forever.

 Ultimately, this is an admirable sentiment that will certainly create lasting moments for family members and fans alike.

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