Mike Leach Controversy – Dillon Johnson Says Leach Is Lucky That He Is Transferred

Mike Leach Controversy

This article covers the details of Mike Leach’s controversy. He recently appeared on the Internet for a controversy between one of his outgoing players and Mississippi State head coach Mike Leach. 

Previously, there have been some transfer announcements of college football, and the majority of them are the same. However, the announcement delivered by Dillon Johnson was different. 

The player was seen taking a shot at his former Mississippi State head coach. 

He shared a statement in which he said, “With that being said, since I’m not very tough and (head coach Mike) Leach is glad I’m leaving, I will be entering my name into the transfer portal.”

It was confirmed that Johnson has rushed for 149 receptions for 864 yards and one touchdown through the air. He also rushed for 1,198 yards and 11 rushing touchdowns when he was with Mississippi State. 

Everyone gets attracted to controversy. A controversy in the football world brings a lot of people to see what’s going on. The controversy between Leach and his former player has gathered attention from fans of the football world. 

After the controversy started trending on the Internet, a fan wrote in their post, “Damn dudes out here calling coach out.” Later, another fan shared a post and captioned, “That’s an exit speech.”

A football world fan went on social media to write, “College football, man. You can’t beat it.” One fan captioned their post, “Dillon Johnson is a 5-star transfer recruit in my book for this graphic dogging Mike Leach.”

After Dillon’s announcement, a fan said that Dillon chose violence on his portal announcement and said, “wow.” Some fans were sharing a post on social media to make Leach aware of the issue as they thought that Mike Leach might not know the seriousness. 

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