Myles Garrett Girlfriend, Serra Tumay: A Power Couple on and Off the Field

Who is Myles Garrett girlfriend Serra Tumay

Myles Garrett girlfriend is a hot topic among his fans at the moment. As a defensive player for the Cleveland Browns, he has been a prominent figure since the 2017 NFL Draft. Recognizing his talent from his impressive college football career at Texas A&M, the Browns selected him as their first pick.

Garrett is famous for his football skills, but his personal life is equally intriguing. One aspect that has captured public interest is his relationship with Serra Tumay. They have been together for a long time. Let’s learn more about Myles Garrett’s girlfriend.

Serra Tumay, Myles Garrett’s Girlfriend

Serra Tumay is of Turkish origin. She is the Head of Nutrition at Aston Villa FC. She proudly stated in her Instagram bio. 

Serra Tumay Myles Garrett Girlfriend
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However, she has a Master of Science in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology from Teachers College Columbia University in New York City. Tumay is a dedicated professional in sports nutrition.

Serra Tumay was born in July 1991 in California to Hikmat Tumar Tumay and Berrin Eryesil Tumay. Originally from Turkey, Berrin moved to the U.S. with her three children, including Serra. 

Serra’s soccer background began at St Andrews High School, where she captained both the junior and senior teams, contributing to a State Championship victory in 2006–07.

Serra Tumay Career

After high school, Serra continued her soccer career as a midfielder at New York University. 

She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in sociology and pursued a Master’s program in exercise physiology and nutrition at Columbia University. 

Her journey included serving as an intern dietitian at Columbia University’s Teachers College and later as a performance nutritionist at UCLA Athletics.

Beyond her role in the nutrition realm, Tumay is also an athlete herself. She has collaborated with a college athletics department, focusing on enhancing the performance of high-achieving athletes.

Tumay’s dedication extends to educating individuals about the significance of nutrition and crafting personalized dietary plans for them.

Serra Tumay

Tumay’s role as a performance nutritionist is vital, especially in the competitive world of sports. 

Her expertise extends to conducting nutrition education, developing food schedules, organizing camps, giving talks, and providing consultancy services to enhance players’ well-being and performance.

Relationship Timeline with Myles Garrett

Serra Tumay and Myles Garrett shared a professional connection and a personal one. The couple often show their travels on social media. The show glimpses of their adventures. 

Tumay posted pictures on her Instagram in March 2022. It was reflecting their joy in each other’s company.

However, as time progressed, these pictures were removed from her account, signaling a change in their relationship status. 

Despite their shared moments parenting pets and enjoying gym and outdoor activities together, it appears the couple is no longer together.

Although Garrett and Tumay are no longer a couple, there remains a sense of optimism for both individuals. 

Their journey, once intertwined, has taken a different path. Yet, as they navigate separate chapters, we hope for the best in their endeavors and pursuits.

Serra Tumay is a professional who blends her athletic background and educational achievements. Her passion for nutrition is to make a positive impact. 

Her contributions to sports nutrition are noteworthy as she continues her journey.

Myles Garrett and Serra Tumay’s relationship and car accident

The public became aware of Garrett and Tumay’s relationship in July 2019. They officially started dating. 

Their love story has since been in the spotlight. It was occasional headlines, including a notable incident in September 2022.

Garrett and Tumay had a car accident in September 2022. Tumay sustained minor injuries. 

Garrett faced lacerations, a strained bicep, and a sprained shoulder. The incident happened when Garrett tried to avoid colliding with a wild animal. It was when they were on their way home from a workout in Berea.

Despite the challenges, Garrett and Tumay’s relationship persevered, demonstrating the strength of their bond both on and off the field.

Myles Garrett’s personal life with Serra Tumay adds a fascinating dimension to the narrative of the Cleveland Browns’ defensive star. 

As Tumay progresses in sports nutrition, their journey together promises more chapters of shared success and resilience.

Myles Garrett Net worth

Myles Garrett’s estimated net worth is approximately $12 million as of December 2023. This estimate may vary due to the ever-changing factors influencing financial standings.

Garrett’s wealth results from various income streams. His successful NFL career with the Cleveland Browns, endorsement deals, and business ventures is primarily his. 

He inked a substantial five-year contract extension with the Browns in 2020. It was a deal worth a whopping $125 million. 

This contract included a generous signing bonus of $21 million. It was a guaranteed $100 million and an average annual salary of $25 million.

Garrett’s involvement in endorsement deals and other business endeavors contributes to his net worth growth. Garrett has diversified his income sources, solidifying his financial standing in sports and business.

Sum up

Myles Garrett’s life is like an interesting story with many ups and downs; his relationship with Serra Tumay was a big part of that. They used to show off their connection on social media, but now things have changed, showing how life can be unpredictable.

Serra Tumay has been doing great in her career, especially in sports nutrition. It shows she’s dedicated to keeping athletes healthy and at their best. 

On the other hand, Myles Garrett is rocking it on the football field and making smart business moves, bringing his estimated net worth to a cool $12 million in 2023.

Even though Myles and Serra are going down different paths now, the moments they shared, facing challenges and achieving success, are still something fans remember. 

It’s like a peek into a professional athlete’s exciting and sometimes complicated world. People can’t help but be curious about the different sides of Myles Garrett’s life.

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