Paddy Pimblett Fat Photo – Opens Up About His Weight Journey

paddy pimblett's fat photo

Paddy Pimblett fat photo revealed how much he had struggled with obesity. He also opened up about having eating disorders in order to maintain his weight.

Although Paddy Pimblett may be one of the UFC roster’s fastest-emerging stars, his most significant disadvantage to date may be the amount of weight he puts on between fights.

The 27-year-old English fighter who fights as a lightweight has openly acknowledged problems with how much weight he gains after the competition, including a recent appearance on Steve-podcast O’s where he tipped the scales at 206.6 pounds, which is 50 pounds over the limit for his division.

Even while Pimblett has managed to stay below the lightweight limit for each of his UFC fights, he has gone as far as to claim that the intense nature of weight cutting in MMA has contributed to the development of an eating disorder.

UFC welterweight Matt Brown thinks Pimblett’s weight issues could eventually be his biggest obstacle to progressing further in his career, mainly as he keeps running into more difficult opposition inside the octagon.

‘He is exalting, eating pizza, cheeseburgers, and other s***. We have seen the images, and I lack discipline when he grows to absurd proportions. That proves his training camp is primarily a fat camp. Especially in the UFC, you can’t live that way, and that is not how one can live. You are battling year-round athletes who maintain their weight and readiness while training. You’re up against some f****** lions here, and I think Paddy made a foolish decision.’

Since Pimblett puts on so much weight between fights, he spends a significant portion of his training camp trying to lose it to return to the lightweight limit. 

Pimblett may reach his competitive ceiling sooner rather than later, even if he appears to be in good health on the scale, according to Brown. 

Pimblett is probably not working out at the same rate as other elite lightweights.

Brown commented that he might make weight easy.

‘Making weight may not even be an issue. You can see right through it and all the disciplinary problems that come with it, even though he may not have needed to spend his entire camp in fat camp or anything else. He cannot possibly train his balls there every day. He doesn’t work out there every day, and the critical point is that he is not there trying to improve himself. You aren’t changing, and you need to improve every day. Others are men, meaning that you regress by one day every time they improve by 1%.’

Pimblett has a perfect 3-0 record in the UFC, with each of his three victories coming through knockout or submission.

Pimblett defeats Jared Gordon 

Despite the opinions of many of his UFC colleagues, Paddy Pimblett is still unbeaten in the octagon following UFC 282.

After Pimblett defeated Jared Gordon via majority decision, shock broke out among UFC fighters. Gordon regularly shattered him with solid blows in the first and second rounds before slogging through the third.

Despite the quick action, the judges unanimously gave Pimblett a score of 29–28.

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