Robert Griffin III’s Wife Was In Labor During His Fiesta Bowl Broadcast

Robert Griffin III Wife

Robert Griffin III’s wife was in labor during his Fiesta Bowl Broadcast, and he immediately left off the field. 

Robert Griffin III wasn’t on the field for the most exciting moment of the chaotic Fiesta Bowl between TCU and Michigan. 

Griffin was working as part of ESPN’s “Field Pass with The Pat McAfee Show” coverage when he learned his wife, Estonian heptathlete Grete Griffin, was giving birth live on air during the third quarter of the College Football Playoff semifinal. 

The co-hosts of the former NFL quarterback were initially perplexed as to why he was on the phone until he hung up and informed them, “I’m sorry, but I have to leave. My wife is about to give birth.” Griffin gave them an embrace before sprinting off the field.

The Griffins revealed Grete was expecting their third child, a daughter, in July. Robert’s previous marriage produced a child. It is Griffin’s third child with Grete and his third overall. 

On Sunday morning, Grete published an update in which she clarified that the fear was unfounded. 

In the first place, she said, ‘let’s start by stating that even though baby daughter tried to make a grand entry into 2023 last night, she decided it wasn’t time yet.’ 

Grete also gave her husband a lot of love for leaving a live television program to board a flight with her.

Griffin has served as ESPN’s NFL and college football analyst since his final NFL season in 2021. 

He was a part of the College Football Playoff mega cast on ESPN2, including Pat McAfee, A.J. Hawk, Taylor Lewan, A.Q. Shipley, and others. 

The Griffins expect their baby girl to wait another day before giving birth. 

Grete claimed in a video she shared on her Instagram Story that she had booked a flight for Robert so he could call another bowl game on January 1st. 

Hopefully, this time, he’ll be able to finish the entire broadcast, but everyone knows that the baby controls the timetable.

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