Russell Wilson Contract: Broncos to Release QB, Face Massive Cap Charges


Russell Wilson contract negotiations with the Denver Broncos are being scrutinized as the team prepares for changes ahead of the new NFL season.

According to sources, the Denver Broncos plan to release quarterback Russell Wilson at the start of the new NFL season.

This could lead to a big financial hit for the team. 

The organization plans to make the move after June 1, potentially paying $35.4 million in 2024 and $49.6 million in 2025.

Should Wilson join a different team in 2024, the Broncos will apply a credit against his $39 million guaranteed pay in 2025.

The Broncos aimed to avoid Wilson’s $37 million salary for 2025 becoming guaranteed if he remained with the team after March 17.

Wilson requested changes to his contract last season, but the Broncos did not require him to give up injury guarantees as expected.

Instead, they wanted to change the date when his injury guarantees for 2025 would kick in.

Why the Broncos Won’t Trade Wilson

As per NBC NEWS, The Broncos firmly stated their stance against trading Wilson, primarily due to the financial consequences. 

Trading Wilson before June 1 means the franchise pays the entire cap charge for 2024, limiting financial flexibility.

No team is likely to take on the Broncos’ hefty financial burden if they keep Wilson.

The decision to part ways with Wilson aligns with Broncos coach Sean Payton’s anticipated strategies.

Trading Wilson now avoids a substantial payout of approximately $76 million over the next two years.

Keeping Wilson beyond March 17 would have worsened the franchise’s cap challenge.

Wilson’s cap number

If a player is released after June 1, their contract affects the team’s budget until June 2.

For instance, Wilson’s $17 million base salary was fully guaranteed.

Even if he left after June 1, his contract would still impact the team’s salary budget for the 2024 season.

The amount would be $35.4 million. 

If Wilson’s $17 million salary wasn’t fully guaranteed and he was released after June 1, the impact on the team’s budget would be $18.4 million.

This shows the importance of guaranteed salaries in managing a team’s salary budget.

Wilson’s future

Russel Wilson’s future in the NFL remains uncertain, with numerous teams expected to express interest in acquiring his services. 

The New York Giants, Carolina Panthers, and New Orleans Saints are just some potential landing spots for the quarterback. 

Wilson’s credentials speak for themselves. He has a Super Bowl victory and seven Pro Bowl appearances.

Wilson had a tough 2023 season with 14 interceptions and 18 touchdowns for the Broncos, missing the playoffs.

Despite this, his reputation makes him valuable, likely to command a high price from interested teams.

Russel Wilson net worth 

Russell Wilson has amassed a substantial net worth of $165 million through his successful career in professional football, as per

Born on November 29, 1988, in Cincinnati, Ohio, Wilson has become a prominent figure in the sport, standing tall at 5 feet 10 inches.

However, recent focus has centered on his contract negotiations with the Denver Broncos, generating speculation and scrutiny as the new NFL season approaches. 

Fans eagerly anticipate updates on these negotiations, curious about their potential impact on Wilson and the team. 

Questions linger about the terms of Wilson’s prospective contract and how it might affect the Broncos’ roster and salary cap. 

Despite ongoing talks, Russell Wilson’s hefty net worth shows how valuable he is to teams. 

Football enthusiasts eagerly await news of any finalized agreement, remaining engaged in the unfolding developments.

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