Stephan Bonnar Passes Away Unexpectedly At 45 Due to Work Related Heart Issues

Stephan Bonnar's Cause Of Death

On Thursday, the mixed martial arts organization released a statement about Stephan Bonnar’s passing away unexpectedly due to work-related heart issues. 

Bonnar was a former UFC fighter and had previously sustained an injury in a professional wrestling stunt that resulted in a broken back and wrist. 

His death was a shock to MMA fans, many of whom had grown to admire his dedication to the sport and his resilience against injuries.

The unexpected passing of such an iconic athlete showed the harsh side of sports and reminded us all that even when we think we’re invincible, life is fragile.

The UFC community was saddened by the passing of one of its most beloved Hall of Famers, Stephan Bonnar. UFC President Dana White issued a statement saying,

“Stephan Bonnar was one of the most important fighters to compete in the octagon. His fight with Forrest Griffin changed the sport forever and his passion and spirit will live on forever in our memories. He epitomises courage, perseverance and determination, and was loved and respected by fight fans all over the world. We offer our heartfelt sympathies to his family and friends during this difficult time.”

In September 2021, Stephan Patrick Bonnar’s social media presence generated controversy due to his uploading of multiple videos depicting a contentious altercation at a hospital. 

The altercation indicated that medical professionals had denied him necessary attention for injuries incurred from professional wrestling on the grounds of his views on COVID-19.

Upon further investigation, Bonnar admitted to MMA Fighting that the incident occurred due to a severe injury he had sustained during his time as a wrestler. 

Subsequently, Bonnar was welcomed into another hospital that identified he had contracted a serious staph infection and prescribed him antibiotic therapy and a lengthy recuperation period. 

Bonnar has since built an impressive legacy in MMA and professional wrestling through years of unstinting dedication to martial arts and competition.

The American Psycho,” Stephan Bonnar, is a legendary figure in the world of mixed martial arts. His career began in 2001 and spanned over a decade before he was officially enshrined in The UFC Hall of Fame’s Fight Wing in 2013.

Bonnar made 15 appearances for the UFC and one for Bellator, with a total of 26 professional fights. In April 2005, Bonnar participated in a fight that many believe saved the UFC at the time – though he ultimately lost to Forrest Griffin at “The Ultimate Fighter 1 Finale“. 

Despite his loss, Bonnar went on to win his next three fights, demonstrating his talent and tenacity as a fighter. Bonnar’s lasting impact after all these years only serves to demonstrate that he truly was an MMA legend.

Bonnar was well-liked in the MMA scene for his toughness and contribution to the game. On Saturday, many fighters, promoters, supporters, and loved ones came to social media to express their condolences for the passing of a UFC pioneer.

Even though it was a tragic loss for the MMA community, many showed an outpouring of respect and appreciation for Bonnar’s toughness and his valuable contributions to the sport. 

From young stars to veteran coaches, from promoters to charities connected with the UFC, the memories were shared and came together in support on Saturday. 

Bonnar was recognized and appreciated by many who have witnessed his time in Mixed Martial Arts, as they offered their heartfelt condolences on social media. May he rest in peace.


Stephen Bonnar fans, friends, and the MMA world, including competitors and supporters, expressed their sadness at the news by paying tribute to Bonnar on social media.

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