The Reign Man, Shawn Kemp’s Nickname Came From A Poster

Shawn Kemp's nickname, ‘The Reign Man,’ came from the famous Seattle SuperSonics announcer Kevin Calabro.

Shawn kemp nickname

Calabro captured the phrase on a poster in the stadium before the game and started using it to describe Kemp after one of his thunderous dunks.

Calabro saw the phrase The Reign Man on a poster at the arena before a game. Then, when Kemp did something otherworldly in the basketball match, it just came out.

Calabro said, “The Reign Man,” I saw that on a poster as I walked into the Coliseum before a game. You put things like that in your memory bank, and when Gary throws the lob to Shawn, it’s like, ‘The Reign Man defies gravity’ is just there. You get caught up in the flow and emotion of the game, and it’s there.”

Shawn Kemp arrested in alleged drive-by shooting charge

According to multiple reports, the ex-Seattle SuperSonics star, Shawn Kemp, was arrested on a drive-by shooting case on Wednesday, March 8, 2023, in Tacoma, Washington.

On Wednesday, Tacoma police tweeted, “At 1:58 pm, an altercation between the occupants of 2 cars led to shots being fired at a parking lot in the 4500 blk of S. Steele St. One car fled. No injuries were reported. A gun was recovered. A 53-year-old male was booked for Drive-By Shooting. The investigation is ongoing.”

According to the Tacoma Police Department, an altercation between the owners of two cars led to shots being fired in a parking area near the Tacoma Mall.

One car escaped away, and no serious injuries were reported. However, as per police, a gun was recovered from the scene.

The video of the Shawn Kemp drive-by was published by Seattle’s KIRO 7. The footage shows a man waving an object in his left hand while verbally confronting another man in a mall parking lot. This footage is also captioned as “Shawn Kemp shooting” on other social media platforms

The man then gets into his car and drives away from the scene. A news outlet reported that the car was Porsche and registered to Shawn Kemp. 

Later, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department confirmed that Kemp was arrested in connection with the shooting.

Shawn Kemp- Early life and achievements

Seattle SuperSonic former superstar Shawn Kemp was born in Elkhart, Indiana, United States, on November 26, 1969. 

As of 2023, Shawn Kemp’s age is 53. Before he was selected in the 1989 NBA draft, Trinity Valley Community College in Athens, Texas, was Shawn Kemp college.

When the Seattle SuperSonic drafted Kemp in 1989, he became the fifth basketball player from high school to go directly to the NBA.

His super athletic talent and fierce presence on the court drew comparisons to Michael Jordan, but Shawn’s youth was seen as a potential obstacle to his ever-reaching superstar title. After a few years, the young Shawn proved he was All-Star material.

The audience loved Shawn’s thunderous slam dunks and dramatic blocks. But the pressure of being in the media spotlight also increased. Personal problems have haunted Shawn, and his level of play has been inconsistent.

Shawn was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers in 1997, where he had limited playing time and gained some 25 pounds by the end of his three-season duration.

In 2000, Shawn became a Portland Trailblazer, after which he voluntarily entered a drug rehabilitation program. Shawn gave up 20 million dollars to start for the Orlando Magic in 2002.

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