Where Will Cristiano Ronaldo Play Next? Latest Update 2022

Where will Cristiano Ronaldo play next

Where will Cristiano Ronaldo play next? That has been the most asked question on the internet as Cristiano Ronaldo’s fans wanted to know where will Cristiano Ronaldo play next.

Last summer, Cristiano returned to Manchester United, and it was found that Ronaldo’s no. 7 jersey became the best and fastest-selling jersey in history. 

But, last year was also filled with loopholes as there was some rumor of a potential transfer and conflicts between him and his manager Erik Ten Hag. 

At the start of this year, it was seen that Ronaldo was struggling and seemed mostly sitting on the bench. His manager, Ten Hag, looks for his alternative while the team is playing on the field. 

Hag keeps Anthony Martial or Marcus Rashford instead of Ronaldo during this season. 

Gary Neville, Former United defender, told Sky Sports, “It has to end.”

Gary added, “Cristiano Ronaldo should have to go somewhere else and play every week because he cannot accept being on the bench. That is fine but end it this week or create a truce to get to the World Cup and then end it.”

There were some videos shared in the last week in which Ronaldo was seen walking down the touchline and into the tunnel. It was seen by the audience that the 37-year-old famous footballer left the game before it ended. 

While on the same day that he left the game early, his team won with a victory of 2-0. 

According to the Athletic, a statement was made official in which Ronaldo was charged with a punishment that led him to drop from his team, which was scheduled for a match against Chelsea on Saturday. 

Neville stated that Ronaldo had left Old Trafford for the second time. It was found that Ronaldo got into his car and left before his team made their way back to their changing room after securing a victory of 2-0. 

Neville added, “I have to say, as someone in the dressing room, it is something that is unacceptable. When you look at whether Cristiano should be selected or not, Manchester United is better without him and Erik ten Hag knows that.”

It was evident that Ronaldo and his relationship with the club seemed to worsen when he filed for a transfer before the start of this season. In the end, he missed out on the preseason.  

The 37-year-old has been facing some performance issues during his practice in the field. In his eight appearances this season, Ronaldo has scored one goal, and in the six appearances, he was sitting on the bench.

Ronaldo has scored 700 club goals after scoring the last one this month, but due to his performance issues and the time he left the stadium before the game ended, this leaves a doubt for many clubs to sing him. 

But, in a recent interview with Ten Hag, he was asked to tell whether his team missed Ronaldo during their match with Chelsea. Ten Hag said that Ronaldo is valuable for “us,” and he knows how to score goals. 

He added, “We need him, that is clear. I think I have said enough about this situation.” But, there are some rumors that Ronaldo might leave Manchester United. 

The manager, Ten Hag, and Ronaldo have not shared any statement yet, so there can be nothing predicted until they share some information on this. 

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