Who Are Brandon Miller Kids? Mason And Michael David

Who Are Brandon Miller Kids  Mason And Michael David

Brandon Miller, the basketball coach, has two children, Mason Allen and Michael David, who are both his kids. 

Miller, who was born in 1980 in New Castle, Indiana, is a former basketball player who played for Butler University, where he was a team captain during his senior year. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in 2004. 

Miller started his college career at Southwest Missouri State after playing as a point guard for New Castle Chrysler High School. Despite being 43 years old, he is often mistaken for a young basketball talent with the same name. It’s not surprising since they are both in the same industry. 

However, many sites have confused the coach with the up-and-coming star, who is gaining notoriety for his involvement in a murder, but we’ll delve into that later. Additionally, Miller’s wife and children are worth knowing more about, and you can find more information here.

Brandon Miller Kids: Mason Allen and Michael David

Basketball coach Brandon Miller has two sons, Mason Allen and Michael David. Mason is six years old, while Michael is four years old. Despite his competitive nature on the court, off the court, Miller is described as a gentle and humble person. 

He began his coaching career as an assistant coach at Butler University, his alma mater, in 2007, before moving on to become an assistant coach at Ohio State University in 2011. In October 2013, Miller was appointed head coach at Butler University, but he resigned after just one season due to personal reasons.

In October 2014, Miller requested a leave of absence from his coaching duties at Butler University for medical reasons. Unfortunately, in January 2015, the university announced that Miller would not be returning after his medical leave. 

After leaving Butler, Miller worked as an assistant coach at various universities, including Illinois State University and Northern Illinois University. In 2020, he returned to Butler University as an assistant coach.

More on his family: Who is Brandon Miller wife?

Brandon Miller and his wife, Holly, have a long history that goes all the way back to their eighth-grade years. The high school sweethearts are now married with two sons.

Miller played professional basketball in Europe for several years before he began his coaching career. Then, as he was about to start his freshman season at the University of Alabama, he was on the watch lists for both the Naismith College Player of the Year award and the Julius Erving Award.

He achieved an impressive feat on December 17th, 2022 when he scored 36 points and grabbed six rebounds against Gonzaga. This earned him SEC Freshman of the Week recognition which he had already earned earlier in November that same year.

Has Brandon Miller been arrested?

To clarify, the basketball coach Brandon Miller has not been arrested at this time. It’s important to note that there are two individuals named Brandon Miller who are active in the basketball world. 

One of them is a coach, while the other is an up-and-coming star. Unfortunately, the latter has recently made headlines due to his alleged involvement in a murder case.

According to testimony given by a Tuscaloosa investigator, the young Brandon Miller has been accused of providing a gun to his former teammate, Darius Miles, for the purpose of committing murder. 

The victim, Jamea Jonae Harris, was fatally shot in January. The investigator claimed that Miller was present at the scene of the crime on the day of the shooting.

As a result, Miles and his friend Michael Davis were arrested and charged with murder. Davis is facing the possibility of the death penalty for his role in the killing of Harris. It’s crucial to note that this tragic incident involves the other Brandon Miller, not the basketball coach.

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