Who Is Cam Newton’s Girlfriend? Are They Still Together?

Cam Newton girlfriend

Though Cam Newton’s future in the NFL might be uncertain, recent court proceedings have shed light on his legal issues.

Cam Newton’s girlfriend, Kia Proctor, has urged a judge to find the former Carolina Panthers quarterback in contempt of court for not paying more than $20,000 she says he promised to cover for her utilities while they engaged in a custody battle. 

The alleged agreement included power, water and even cable service from which Newton allegedly received no benefit but failed to provide payment.

It remains to be seen if the athlete will be found responsible for his promised debt or if he’ll remain as elusive as ever.

The legal dispute between former NFL quarterback Cam Newton and his ex-wife, Kia Proctor, is currently on hold as Newton has yet to provide court-ordered documents like contracts, taxes, and income from his businesses. 

Kia’s forensic expert insists two of the businesses have still not been declared. Nevertheless, Radar Online recently released documents with regard to the expected payment amounts. 

It was reported that Newton pays Proctor $14,268 a month in alimony, along with covering her cable bill ($5,500), her power fees ($4,725) as well as internet ($6,600) and gas ($4,532).

In addition to these expenses amounting to $21,357 each month or more if needed by the ex-wife; an extra $2K fee is requested for her legal counsel.

Who is Kia Proctor? Cam Newton’s ex-girlfriend has four children with quarterback

Kia Proctor is a model and social media influencer who made headlines when her relationship with former Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton came to light. She had previously worked at Stadium Club, going by the stage name Hazel. 

The relationship reached an unfortunate end after seven years when Cam confessed to fathering a child outside of their relationship on the Pivot Podcast: “I hurt her, and I jeopardized our family [with my mistake]” While it’s certainly hard to swallow, one can understand his honest admittance about the situation.

It nevertheless serves as a reminder for us all that we are human and that things don’t always go exactly how we plan them out.

Who is Cam Newton? His achievements at Auburn’s pro day

After going without playing during the 2022 season, Cam Newton had an opportunity to prove his naysayers wrong. 

On Tuesday, the 2015 NFL MVP showcased his skills at a pro day event at Auburn, where he won a Heisman Trophy and national title in 2010. 

His younger brother, Caylin Newton, played college football for Howard and then finished his collegiate career as a wide receiver at Auburn and William & Mary extended the invitation for his brother to throw. 

Caylin stated that Cam had already had an amazing career and nothing left to prove, but he still decided to show off his ability.

This is an excellent example of how far he has come and what he can still do if given a chance.

Although Cam Newton declined to speak to the media, the people watching his workout had plenty to say. Shedrick Jackson remarked that he “enjoyed learning [Newton’s] lingo and cadence” and noted that he still had it. 

Newton’s highlight of the day was when he threw a 50-yard pass downfield to his brother, reminding everyone of his signature scramble throw. While many regarded this moment as pure fun, it could also have been an intentional act by Newton. 

It is possible that he wanted to show everyone he has not lost a step, making his number “still open and available” for whatever team looks for another winning quarterback.

After a tumultuous few years in the NFL, Cam Newton is finally making strides toward his comeback. 

The former Pro Bowl selection and MVP has not attempted a pass in the NFL since December 2021; however, he recently announced on social media that he will be attending Auburn’s pro day to throw passes. 

His most successful stint was as a member of the Carolina Panthers from 2011-2020, where he won AP Offensive Rookie of the Year and MVP honors as well as led the team to Super Bowl 50. 

While Newton may not have found success during his brief 2021 reunion with Carolina, his willingness to turn it around and attend pro days demonstrate how passionate he is about reclaiming his place among the greatest quarterbacks in the league.

In a heartfelt plea on his Twitter profile, Newton calls into question how members of the NFL get signed with seemingly little opportunity, especially considering the rigorous workout regimes and dedication required by many of its professional athletes. 

His younger brother, Caylin, has been supporting him in his journey to get back into the game, offering insight into his brother’s character that may not be evident to some. 

He comments on how people perceive him, noting that much more behind-the-scenes work and determination goes unseen in achieving success.

Ultimately, it will be an exciting process for fans to watch and observe as Newton continues on his journey forward.

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