Who Is Kelly Pegula’s Husband? Bio, Net Worth, Personal Life Explored

Kelly Pegula Husband

Speculations about Kelly Pegula’s husband have taken the internet by storm. However, the fashion designer is not yet married. 

Kelly Pegula has gained recognition in her own right due to her fashion designer career and relationship with American Footballer Jason Croon.

Although Pegula is the sister of a famous professional tennis player, Jessica Pegula, she has not been open with the public about her own relationship status. 

Despite having been with Croon for an extended duration of time, the couple has chosen not to make the information public. As such, Kelly’s relationship status remains largely unknown.

Jason Croon, at 6 feet 5 inches (1.96 m) tall and 246 lb (112 kg), played college football for the Tennesse Volunteers. He attends various sporting events with his family, including those of the NHL club, the Buffalo Sabres, and the NFL team, the Buffalo Bills.

About Kelly Pegula

Kelly Pegula is an American national of mixed ethnicity, born in the United States. She is the daughter of Terry and Kim Pegula and is widely known by her famous name.

Born to Terry and Kim Pegula, Kelly was raised in America along with her brother Matthew and sister Jessica, the latter of whom is a professional tennis player. 

Pegula is known for her love of sports and attendance at various sporting events. Most notably, she is the daughter of Terry Pegula, owner of the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres and the NFL’s Buffalo Bills.

From her father’s first marriage, she also has two step-siblings, Michael and Laura. Having completed her high school education at 16, Kelly would earn her Bachelor’s degree from a state institution before settling into West Palm Beach with Mr. Pegula. 

She has become especially passionate about fashion over the years and set out to make it a large part of her life as well. 

As the Founder and CEO of Pegula Sports and Entertainment (PSE), Kelly has made great strides in the sports industry, striving to create a one-of-a-kind sporting culture across multiple professional teams and venues. 

Her accomplishment in such a short span of time speaks volumes of her dedication, vision, and leadership as a successful businesswoman.

Who Is Kelly Pegula’s Husband?

Kelly Pegula is taking a different path than other generation members, including her friend Jessica. While Jessica has embraced a married woman’s life and all its benefits, Kelly is focused on advancing her professional life first. 

Her ambitious nature allows her to set impressive goals for herself, ensuring she will have a promising future that doesn’t include marriage as an immediate need. 

She has shown time and time again that while matrimony may not be in the cards right now, she still has something amazing to offer society.

Net Worth

Kelly Pegula has been incredibly private throughout her career, leaving the media to only speculate about her success. 

The net worth of Kelly Pegula is not known yet.

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