Who Is Patrick Ewing’s Wife? Facts And Rumors

Get the scoop on Patrick Ewing's wife, Rita Williams, and the rumors surrounding their divorce. Learn about her career as a novelist and more.

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In 1998, Rita Williams, a renowned novelist, filed for divorce from her husband, Patrick Ewing, who was the former head coach of the Georgetown Hoyas men’s basketball team.

On March 9, 2023, Georgetown University made an announcement that shook the college basketball world: Patrick Ewing would not be returning as head coach for the upcoming season. Ewing, a legend in the sport, had played for Georgetown and went on to achieve great success as a college basketball player.

Despite his achievements on the court, Ewing’s coaching tenure at Georgetown was rocky, with a record of 75-109 over six years. In a statement, Ewing expressed his gratitude to the university for the opportunity to coach his alma mater and wished the program success in the future.

Prior to taking the helm at Georgetown, Ewing had never been a head coach, and his departure left a void that the university is now seeking to fill through a nationwide search for a new head coach.

Patrick Ewing’s wife’s statement over Patrick’s cheating rumors

In the early 1990s, Patrick Ewing was still a prominent NBA star when he tied the knot with Rita Williams. The couple kept their marriage low-key and refrained from public displays of affection.

According to reports, the couple met in 1983 while Rita was working as an intern for former Senator Bill Bradley’s staff. They were married for seven years and had three children before Rita filed for divorce in 1998.

Before their separation, there were rumors of Patrick’s alleged infidelity, including speculation that he was dating Knicks City dancer Heather Errico and fathered an illegitimate child. However, Rita did not comment on the rumors and instead focused on finding an amicable resolution to their marital problems.

Rita, who has degrees in nursing and law, is a successful novelist and wrote a book called ‘Homecourt Advantage,’ which tackled various topics, including infidelity among pro athletes.

There have been no reports of either Patrick or Rita dating anyone since their divorce. However, there were rumors about Rita’s supposed relationship with banker John Utendahl a decade ago, which was later proven to be false.

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