Why Did Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s Ex-wife Change Her Name?

Kareem Abdul Jabbar ex wife

Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s ex-wife changed her name after he converted to Islam. Jabbar is an American professional ex-basketball player who played in the National Basketball Association for the Los Angeles and Milwaukee Bucks; he played for 20 seasons.

Abdul Jabbar was a record sixth-time NBA Most Valuable Player. Habiba met Kareem through his friend Cliff Anderso. At that time, she was dating Anderson and was still in high school.

When Kareem heard the news of their break up, he slid into the chance and invited her to watch him play at UCLA.

In an interview, he said that “I invited her to come see UCLA play and she said okay,” furthermore, he also said that after her first visit, he started to call her again and again and began going out.

He was married to Janice Brown from 1971 to 1978. They first bump into each other at a Los Angeles game when Abdul Jabbar was still playing for UCLA.

In 1971, Kareem Abdul Jabbar accepted Islam, and her wife Janice also did the same. Her wife changed her birth name, which was given by her catholic parents, to Habiba Abdul-Jabbar when her husband changed his name from Lew Alcindor to Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

Habiba Abdul Jabbar, Sultana Abdur Jabbar, and Kareem Abdul Jabbar Jr. are their three children. This newly converted couple divorced in 1978 because Kareem was also parenting two other children named Adam and Amir with his ex Cheryl Pistono.

Adam has also appeared in the television show Full House’s episode. He was also sentenced to six months in prison by the court in a stabbing case in 2021.

Who Surpassed the Kareem Abdul Jabbar Record?

Last night on Tuesday 7, 2023, In the basketball match between The Los Angeles Lakers and Oklahoma City Thunder, the Lakers player LeBron James broke the record of all-time favorite American basketball player Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

He has now become the NBA’s all-time points record holder after crossing Abdul Jabbar’s total score of 38,387, which Jabbar scored by playing twenty seasons from his debut.

What happened when Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s ex-wife converted to Islam?

Habiba Abdul Jabbar’s parents lived in New York. They had an only child named Janice Brown, who changed her name to Habiba Abdul Jabbar in 1971. 

She was brought up as a Christian when her parents were informed by the news that her only child accepted Islam, and her marriage ceremony was held at Masjid in Washington. 

They denied her entry into the Masjid due to their Catholic faith. Her parents traveled from New York to Washington to stop her, and this incident cracked the situation.

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