Why Did Scottie Pippen Get Divorced? What Happened Between Them?

Why did Scottie Pippen get divorced

Questions regarding why did Scottie Pippen get divorced have been surfacing on the internet for a while.

Many people find themselves enthralled by the unique stories of others and the fascinating details that set them apart from the ordinary.

The case of the famous former Chicago Bulls star Scottie Pippen and his estranged wife Larsa Pippen is no exception.

Despite having been happily married with four children together in the early seasons of Real Housewives of Miami, the couple eventually separated, and Larsa moved to Los Angeles to start a new life.

Here, she found companionship with Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kim Kardashian and opened up about her journey through separation and evolving love life.

The ugly breakup

After three tumultuous years, Larsa and Scottie Pippen finally reached a divorce settlement on December 15, 2021.

The split had many challenging moments for the couple and their two youngest children, including when Scottie threatened to make one of their daughters leave town if Larsa couldn’t get her way about selling their Miami house. 

After numerous attempts at mediation, the two were eventually able to come to an agreement to joint physical and legal custody of their kids in January of 2022. 

During the separation leading up to the settlement, Larsa caused controversy when US Weekly reported she was dating NBA player Malik Beasley while both he and his wife were still legally married. 

Since then, there’ve been signs that both parties are beginning a more cordial relationship as they move forward.

On Melissa Gorga On Display, Larsa opened up about her journey in love. The RHOM star discussed the difficulty of finding the perfect partner and how she was hoping for more out of a relationship. 

She explained that, after being married to a successful man who had four beautiful children, she finds it hard to find someone who even comes close to meeting her expectations. 

Larsa is looking forward to understanding that lowering her expectations needs to occur for her to regain peace in love again.

“Once I started dating, I’m like – I’m gonna have to come to the realisation that I’m not gonna get it all. I had a great run. I had a great relationship,” she remarked. “You know, I was married for 23 years.”

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