Zack Moss Injury Update 2023: Why Was He Eliminated From The Offense?

Zack Moss Injury Update 2023

Zack Moss injury update in 2023 reveals the running back’s current condition and implications for the team’s upcoming games.

He started the 2023 fantasy football season well and has struggled to regain his place in the Indianapolis Colts’ lineup. 

The running back has been eliminated from the squad and is dealing with elbow and heel injuries. 

Let’s look into Moss’s injury status, the reasons behind his departure from the offense, and whether he is still a viable fantasy pick.

Colts’ Zack Moss: Eliminated from offense

Zack Moss saw his role in the Colts offense decrease despite a strong start to the fantasy football season.

After being cut, he only had one carry for two yards in the Patriots’ 10-6 win on Sunday.

In the end, Jonathan Taylor carried the ball 22 times more than Moss.

When Taylor returned from an ankle injury in Week 5, Moss made his last appearance as a starter. 

Once among the team’s most reliable players, Moss has since moved into a true backup position. 

Though the season is still a long way off, this new development will impact his chances of having a solid fantasy football season.

Zack Moss tallies one touch in the win on Sunday

Zack Moss was eliminated from the offense and was given only one touch in Sunday’s win against the New England Patriots. 

His minimal participation on Sunday proves he is separate from the Colts’ current game plan.

Jonathon Taylor has shown that he is the Colts’ most prolific running back. Taylor carried the ball 22 times, while Moss only had one carry.

 The team’s decision to reduce Moss’s role is based on its preference for Taylor’s skill set. Moss was a solid backup to Taylor before the latter got back into the game.

Zack Moss Injury Update 2023: How did he get injured?

Zack Moss might not be available for the upcoming game against the New Orleans Saints due to elbow and heel injuries.

The schedule for his return and the severity of the injuries are still unknown.

However, he was listed as a participant after the team’s first practice in Week 8.

Surprisingly, he didn’t participate on Wednesday despite playing a full game injury-free.

The Colts may be taking a cautious approach with their running back, but Moss will have two more chances to increase his practice time.

However, Moss had arm surgery during the offseason, forcing him to miss Week 1 against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

It’s unclear if his elbow issue is related to an affiliated complication, but it’s worth covering.

Is Zack Moss a good fantasy pick?

Moss was one of the biggest surprises of the early season, but his part in the Indianapolis fledglings offense has since declined.

After completing four top-ten homestretches this season, he has entered a proper provisory part.

Despite his recent lack of involvement, Moss remains a feasible fantasy pick.

His106.3 average total yards per game and five touchdowns in six games are vital pointers of his value.

still, with his injury status still unclear and his recently acquired provisory part, it might be wise to keep an eye on him in the coming weeks.

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