Ashton Meem: Love Life, Career, Age, Height and Net

Ashton Meem Rusell Wilson

Ashton Meem is a famous American. Being the ex-wife of Searle, a Seahawks player, has made him famous. Russell Wilson is famous. After divorcing her husband due to a dispute, she became famous.

Ashton Meem, 32, was born in Richmond, Virginia, in September 1987. His parents are Lang and Molly Meem.

She attended Richmond’s oldest female-only private school, St. Catherine High School. She attended the University of Georgia.

Ashton Meem is famous for marrying the Seattle Seahawks founder. Most people call her “Russell Wilson’s ex-wife” instead of her name.

Ashton Meem joined NC State University in Raleigh to be closer to her boyfriend, Russell Wilson. Her university bachelor’s degree in communications was in 2010. 

Following his media marketing internship at Lewis Partners and McKinney, Ashton became an art consultant after graduating.

She eventually received a job offer from American Family Insurance to work as an Advertising Operations Assistant, which she still retains. This opportunity came after she had graduated from college.

Ashton Meem Life Story Divorce With Russell Wilson
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Ashton Meem marriage to Russel Wilson

During their high school time, Ashton Meem and Russel Wilson had their first meeting. As soon as they saw each other, they fell in love.

They were forced to go their separate ways because they all attended various universities simultaneously. However, despite their physical separation, they could still communicate.

Despite this, Ashton Meem eventually transferred to North Carolina State University, where Russell Wilson was also a student. She had previously attended her previous university.

Following graduation in August 2010, they became engaged and tied the knot on January 14, 2012. The wedding occurs at the Country Club of Virginia, located in Virginia.

Because Ashton Meem was an event organizer and enjoyed doing so, she was responsible for planning the wedding ceremony. A boutique wedding planning organization is owned and operated by her.

Ashton Meem divorce

Following their two-year marriage, Ashton and Russell decided to divorce. Speculations circulated that Ashton was supposedly in a romantic relationship with Golden Tate, Russell Wilson’s buddy and teammate.

Ashton and Tate denied the claims, but Russell still filed for divorce. The alleged affair has not been confirmed as of yet. It is the primary issue that led to their divorce. 

Tate revealed he was not engaged to his friend’s wife after leaving the Seattle Seahawks in 2014.

Russell led his club to a great season. It earned them the Super Bowl XLVIII victors in 2013. 

It was the period when they decided to dissolve their marriage. Russell is the recipient of multiple prizes for which he has been nominated. 

He received the NFL Rookie of the Year title in 2012 and has been invited to the Pro Bowl four times.

Ashton Meem career

After completing her education, Ashton Meem entered the business world, hoping to find employment prospects. Her first position was as an intern in the field of media marketing. 

On the other hand, she moved into the jobs of art buyer and consultant, which she held temporarily for a short period. 

After securing a position as an advertising operations assistant at American Family Insurance, she has remained employed there to this day.

Ashton Meem’s relationships

Ashton Meem and Russell Wilson met in high school and fell in love. Sparks flew, and they fell in love instantly. Their romance grew during those crucial years, forging a lasting bond. It follows high school sweethearts who fell in love early on and had a lovely trip. 

Although Russell chose to attend a different university, the pair maintained a long-distance romance while away from home. The fact that Ashton was attending North Carolina State University strengthened their devotion to one another.

Ashton Meem Instagram
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After Ashton Meem graduated high school, the couple announced their engagement in August 2010. Their love journey culminated in a lovely Country Club of Virginia wedding on January 14, 2012. Their wedding was a joyful start to their life together.

Their romantic relationship attracts attention. Russell’s career as a professional football player began to take off.

Ashton Meem and Russell Wilson’s marriage had some problems. They had to decide to end their relationship in April 2014. 

She was facing a challenging time. Ashton was dating Russell’s teammate, Golden Tate. 

These speculations fueled gossip about potential infidelity, adding another layer of complexity to the public narrative surrounding their separation.

Both parties have refuted these charges. The formal cause for their divorce has not been released.

Russell Wilson moved on with his life. He married R&B singer Ciara after the divorce. Ashton Meem stayed single. She worked on her business during the divorce.

Ashton Meem’s net worth

We do not know much about her working life. She has worked for American Family Insurance for a long time. It has helped her keep her finances.

Furthermore, the divorce payment she received contributed to her overall fortune. Ashton Meem has net worth is as high as $4 million. 

Age, height, and weight

Ashton Meem is 36 years old. She was born in 1987. She has 35-25-36 inches. Ashton is also 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 53 kg. 

Sum up

Ashton Meem’s rise from small-town life to being a football star’s wife and managing divorce shows her tenacity and determination. Her dedication to personal and professional progress inspires others to overcome obstacles.

Ashton Meem, 36, became famous after marrying Russell Wilson. Despite high school passion, their marriage terminated in 2014 amid infidelity rumors. University of Georgia graduate Ashton worked in art and advertising.

Single after divorce, she ran her firm and had a $4 million net worth. Ashton’s narrative shows the complications of public love while Russell Wilson married Ciara.

She overcame obstacles to keep her profession and finances.

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