Sacked Alpine Boss Joins Red Bull, Prost Blasts Incompetent Hierarchy

Sacked Alpine Boss Joins Red Bull, Prost Blasts Incompetent Hierarchy

Former Alpine CEO Laurent Rossi faces scathing criticism from Alain Prost as he joins Red Bull Racing following a major shakeup at Enstone-based team. In a blistering attack, Prost accuses Rossi of incompetence, arrogance, and a lack of humanity towards employees.

The four-time world champion expresses dismay at the current state of the F1 outfit, blaming excessive corporate meddling and a failure to understand the workings of Formula 1.

The Collapse of Alpine

Alpine’s downfall has been attributed to a lack of strong leadership and a failure to follow successful models used by other teams in the last three decades. Prost emphasizes the importance of a simple structure built around strong personalities and a winning driver.

He points to Renault as an example of a team that has historically operated this way, shining a spotlight on Rossi’s role as CEO and his alleged inability to comprehend the complexities of running a team.

Departure of Key Figures

The recent shakeup at Alpine saw team principal Otmar Szafnauer, sporting director Alan Permane, and chief technical officer Pat Fry all being sacked.

While Permane was respected throughout the organization for his 34 years of service, it was believed that the team’s management was lacking, despite the efforts behind the car.

This led to Permane’s departure and his subsequent move to the Red Bull junior team, ScuderiaAT.

Red Bull’s Acquisition

Red Bull wasted no time in securing Permane’s services, recognizing his vast knowledge and experience in Formula 1.

The team’s close relationship with ScuderiaAT, the former AlphaTauri squad, has been strengthened under the leadership of Laurent Mekies.

Christian Horner, team principal of Red Bull Racing, praised Permane’s contributions to F1 and expressed confidence in his future endeavors.

A New Chapter for ScuderiaAT

With Alan Permane onboard, ScuderiaAT is poised for a fresh start. The team has been making strides in recent seasons, narrowly missing out on overtaking Williams for P7.

With the return of Daniel Ricciardo from injury and closer collaboration with Red Bull, ScuderiaAT aims to challenge its former team, Alpine, this year. R

rumors suggest that the team may relocate close to the Red Bull campus, taking advantage of the resources available in England’s motorsports valley.


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